Gen 3 Formula E car on display in Hyderabad

An open-cockpit, single-seater racing machine is currently in exhibition at Tank Bund, ahead of Formula E Season 9

Gen 3 Formula E car on display in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: Although Formula E will launch very soon, an open-cockpit, single-seater racing machine that has been tearing up racetracks around the globe is currently in exhibition at Tank Bund, Hyderabad. The Formula E car is on display for the general public in preparation for the start of the Formula E race, which will be held in Hyderabad next year.

Hyderabad will be one of the 12 cities picked from around the world, and it will be the only city in India to host the Formula E Grand Prix in 2023. With 100 races completed since the inception of the series in 2014, the Formula E Prix is among the fastest growing sporting events in the world today.

The Gen 3 automobiles will be featured for the first time in Season 9, which includes Hyderabad. These cars will feature the most recent battery and rapid charging technologies, which will eventually be incorporated into regular cars. They will be lighter, faster, capable of reaching speeds of 300 kph, 0–100 in 2.8 seconds, and more energy efficient. The primary difference between Formula 1 and Formula E competitions is the latter's use of common highways rather than unique tracks.

The Gen 2 display car will be unveiled for public display on Tank Bund on Sunday, September 25 to delight motorsport fans and raise awareness, among others. The car will be displayed here for the next few weeks before being taken around and displayed in a variety of other locations throughout the city in the coming months. The car will then be taken to other metro cities in India to help raise awareness throughout the country.

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