MMTS trains of twin cities boast of 90-plus percent punctuality rate

The South Central Railways (SCR) has been gradually re-introducing the MMTS services since June 2021.

MMTS trains of twin cities boast of 90-plus percent punctuality rate

HYDERABAD: The Multi Modal Transport Service (MMTS), the suburban rail transit provider for the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, has consistently maintained an on-time performance rate of over 90 percent throughout the current fiscal year. The average train punctuality in the current fiscal year has been sustained between 93 percent and 95 percent for more than six months, averaging 93.7 percent through October 12 of 2021–22.

The South Central Railways (SCR) has been gradually re-introducing the MMTS services since June 2021, following the Covid pandemic-caused suspension of MMTS trains. In order to accommodate the daily commuters in the twin city region, the number of operational services has been expanded (in several phases) to 86 services, which are being operated daily from Monday to Saturday.

Furthermore, because most offices, schools, and colleges are closed on Sundays, 34 services are not operating. Important maintenance work is being completed during this time to avoid inconvenience to the travelling public on regular working days. Importantly, the 34 train services that are being phased out have been identified in such a way that they will not affect a large portion of the public and will meet the public's needs with existing services.

The steady rise in ridership for these trains is the result of the joint efforts of steadily expanding train services and on-time performance of the MMTS services. The number of passengers travelling on average each day during the current fiscal year has climbed from about 51,000 in April 2022 to 63,800 in September. The average number of MMTS passengers has already climbed to almost 66,000 people in October 2022.

Another important factor driving growth in MMTS usage is the pricing of MMTS travel. MMTS is the most affordable mode of transportation for suburban passengers in the Twin Cities area. The MMTS train fare begins at Rs. 5 (for travel up to 15 kms) and rises to Rs. 10 for passengers travelling up to 40 kms. For passengers travelling more than 40 kilometres, the maximum fare is Rs. 15. Season tickets are also available for MMTS daily commuters, which is very low in comparison to other modes of transportation.

Regular and season tickets can also be purchased online via the UTS mobile App, which is growing in popularity. MMTS tickets can also be purchased at general booking counters and through Automatic Ticket Vending Machines (ATVMs) for added convenience.

These services currently connect the southern and eastern parts of the city with the rapidly growing western half of the city along a 50 km stretch spanning the areas of Falaknuma Secunderabad Hyderabad Begumpet Lingampalli Telapur Ramachandrapuram, covering 29 railway stations.

The South Central Railway's General Manager (in-charge), Arun Kumar Jain, urged the customers to take use of the MMTS services, calling it the greatest and most practical means to travel throughout the city while also saving money. With a wide range of possibilities for the hassle-free purchasing of tickets, the ticketing facility is also made very simple, he claimed.

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