No drunk driving, loud music: Rachakonda police issue guidelines for New Year celebrations

“Celebrate the New Year Responsibly! A little caution, vigilance and awareness can double your enthusiasm and excitement”

No drunk driving, loud music: Rachakonda police issue guidelines for New Year celebrations

HYDERABAD: To have peaceful New Year celebrations and to maintain law and order in Rachakonda limits on New Year, the Rachakonda Police Commissionerate issued guidelines to be followed by event organisers as well as the common public.

"Celebrate the New Year Responsibly! A little caution, vigilance and awareness can double your enthusiasm and excitement," it read.

  • Here are the guidelines to be followed from December 31 to January 1 (1 am):
  • DJ is not allowed in outdoor events.
  • The noise levels laid under Central Pollution Control Board which is 45 decibels shall be strictly followed.
  • The sound of the Musical Event shall not be heard beyond the premises where the event is organised. If any neighbour complains about the sound pollution, action will be taken immediately.
  • No vulgarity or no obscene dressing or obscene dances should be allowed.
  • Organisers should ensure that no minor is permitted in programs that are organised exclusively for couples and ensure separate enclosures for couples. Age of attendees should be checked for entry. It is mandatory to collect a copy of the valid identity cards of the visitors.
  • Singers and performers should not be allowed to mingle or venture into the crowd.
  • Licensees may be directed to ensure that CCTV cameras with recording facilities are installed at all the entry, exit points of the establishment covering 50 yards of the streets in front of the establishment. CCTV Cameras shall also be installed with recording facilities at parking places.
  • The organisers/party goers should ensure that no one carries any firearms /firecrackers at the venue of the event. Any such finding should immediately be brought to the notice of the local police.
  • The party organisers shall take responsibility for preventing the usage of Drugs and Psychotropic substances by the participants in the event or in the premises.
  • The organisers of new year parties at remotely located home stays, resorts, private apartments should watch out for any persons consuming drugs and immediately inform the Police. The organisers are also warned against conducting any rave parties.
  • The organisers must put in place strict vigil at parking areas and other places where drugs are clandestinely sold. Any such activity should be informed to the Police.
  • The management of pubs and Bars should make arrangements to provide drivers and cabs to the customers who are drunk.
  • None of the spectators in drunken condition should be allowed to indulge in ruckus and misbehaviour in the premises. The licensee shall be personally responsible to ensure that such behaviour doesn't occur in the premises.
  • No live band should be conducted in Bars and Restaurants and gated communities.
  • Ensure all pubs, wine shops, Bars and restaurants are closed as per the stipulated time.
  • Ensure separate gates for entry and exist at the venue.
  • Ensure that the licensee follows the instructions issued by Officers on duty from time to time in view of local situations.

Traffic Instructions:

As part of the celebrations, people visit places of entertainment and also hit the roads in large numbers. Youngsters are warned against driving two wheelers and cars at great speed.

The party goers are prohibited to drive in a drunken condition and misbehave with strangers including women.

Designated driver of the day concept people can use wherein one of party goers will be away from drinks who is a licensed driver and should take home others safely after the party.

The management of the event should engage sufficient private security personnel for security and traffic management to regulate the traffic inside and outside the venue and no visitor/vehicle should be allowed inside the venue without thorough checking.

The event organisers should arrange the parking of vehicles inside the premises of the venue only. They should not allow parking on the roads being used by the general public, failing which heavy penalties whould be imposed on the organisers.

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