SRDP gives a facelift to Hyderabad, 31 projects completed, 16 in progress

The MAUD department launched the phase-1 of SRDP with 47 road development projects, out of which 31 have been completed

SRDP gives a facelift to Hyderabad, 31 projects completed, 16 in progress

HYDERABAD: Cross Uppal crossroads and seamlessly without any traffic light, you will pass through flyovers, underpasses and unhindered junctions crossing Nagole, LB Nagar, Karman Ghat, to reach Santosh Nagar. This was not so, a couple of years ago, with vehicles having to wait in serpentine queues for many kilometres. This is just one of the many exemplary roads in the City.

Commuting in Hyderabad has transformed over the last few years with roads becoming wider, flyovers being built on busy roads, underpasses to make travel safer and seamless. Though Hyderabad is India's fifth largest city, travelling from one end to another is comfortable and not very time taking.

Telangana Government's Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP) is a project focused on making commute in Hyderabad traffic-free and time-saving for commuters. The Municipal Administration and Urban Development department of the State launched the phase-1 of SRDP with 47 road development projects, out of which 31 have been completed and made available to the public.

Constructions in 16 other places will be available by the end of this year. With these SRDP projects, remote parts of the city would also get urban connectivity. Recently, the Chandrayangutta flyover, built at a cost of Rs 45.87 crores under SRDP, was also inaugurated.

Usually, construction of flyovers or underpasses takes around four-five years. However, with the strategic execution of road development plans, it was possible to execute the construction of 31 roadways in different parts of the city.

The traffic situation at major junctions like LB Nagar Junction, the route from Uppal to LBnagar and Aramghar, KPHB, Hitech City, Tank Bund, Madhapur, Shaikpet etc., has witnessed drastic change over the years and travellers now enjoy zooming on the roads faster in these routes. The flyovers and underpasses in the city have also benefited the working class. Not just internal connectivity, the SRDP projects involve construction of roadways around the Outer Ring Road, making it easy to connect with other cities.

The State Government sanctioned Rs 8,092 crores for the execution of the Phase 1 of SRDP projects. The completed projects cost Rs 2,213.50 crores and the 16 ongoing projects are being built at a cost of Rs 5,431.67 crores.

According to reports, the State Government has given approval for SRDP Phase 2 and around Rs 3,115 crores were sanctioned for the same. Construction of Phase 2 road works would start soon.

A detailed list of completed and ongoing projects under SRDP is given below:

S.No Completed SRDP projects Cost in Cr
1 Uttam Nagar 29.4
2 Chinthalakunta Underpass 14.41
3 Kamineni left flyover 25.22
4 Mindspace Junction Underpass 46.07
5 Ayyappa Society Underpass 49.69
6 Mindspace Junction flyover 85.09
7 LB Nagar right flyover 22.55
8 KPHB Colony flyover 97.93
9 Uppuguda RoB 9.2
10 LB Nagar left Underpass 9.28
11 Kamineni right flyover 25.22
12 Steel Bridge towards Panjagutta Crematorium 5.95
13 Structure over Durgam Cheruvu Bridge 150
14 Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge 184
15 Bairamalguda right flyover 26.34
16 Lalapet RoB 5.85
17 Biodiversity Level- flyover 1 30.22
18 Biodiversity Level- flyover 2 69.51
19 Hitec City Railway Station ROB 59.09
20 APJ Abdul Kalam Flyover 93.69
21 Shaikpet flyover 333.55
22 Panjagutta Steel Bridge - Towards Chutneys Hotel . 17
23 Tukaram Gate RuB 71.43
24 Bairamalguda left flyover 26.34
25 LB Nagar Right Underpass 9.28
26 Bahadurpura Flyover 116.5
27 Kaitlapur ROB 83.06
28 Chandrayangutta flyover 45.87
29 Malkajgiri Anand Bagh RUB (R&B Department) 41.05
30 Rehabilitation of Medak section from Hyderabad ORR 362.04
31 Balanagar Flyover (HMDA) 68.67

S.No Ongoing SRDP projects Cost in Cr
1 Kothaguda Flyover 271.5
2 Gachibowli Shilpa Layout Corridor 676.8
3 Nagole 8 lane flyover 533.4
4 LB Nagar right flyover -
5 Bairamalguda second level flyover -
6 Bairamalguda left loop flyover -
7 Bairamalguda right flyover -
8 VST Steel Bridge 518
9 Uppal junction flyover 450
10 Nalgonda Cross Road to Owaisi Junction Steel Bridge 523.4
11 Aramghar to Zoo Park Flyover 636.8
12 Myla Rampally RoB 91
13 Chenamber flyover to Amberpet 369.2
14 From Aramghar to Shamshabad flyover 488
15 Uppal 821
16 Falaknuma RoB 52.57

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