Techies redefine "weekend", use time to fill potholes on Miyapur-Bachupally roads

They have urged the authorities concerned to resolve this road issue as soon as possible.

Techies redefine weekend, use time to fill potholes on Miyapur-Bachupally roads

HYDERABAD: It's Saturday, and you've probably made a lot of weekend plans to hang out in Hyderabad. However, some techies have decided to begin their weekend by filling 'death holes'. These death holes are nothing more than roads dotted with potholes in Hyderabad's Bachupally-Miyapur Highway.

Four tech professionals from prominent MNCs in Hyderabad, RK Yadav, Vinay Vangala, Chandrashekhar Bijugam, and Srinivas Bellam, took the initiative to repair a road that has been punctuated with potholes for the past three months.

Vinay Vangala, a social activist from Hyderabad, claims that although this stretch of road is part of the Nizampet Municipal Corporation and is intended to be maintained by the Hyderabad Roads Development Corporation Limited (HRDCL), it is frequently overlooked because it is a highway.

R K Yadav, an Ameenpur resident, claims that he has been suffering from lumbar spondylosis for the past six months as a result of frequently driving on this route. Hyderabad Roads Development Corporation Limited should construct a new road in these areas since the existing one is entirely damaged on both sides from Miyapur to Bachupally and from Bachupally to Miyapur.

He claimed, while speaking to Newstap, that by volunteering for the community on the weekends rather than merely partying, he has reinvented what a weekend means.

He went on to say that his friends Vinay Vangala and Srinivas Bellam, who frequently volunteer for community service on weekends, inspired him. "We have been attempting to escalate the road issues for several days. I believe that whoever goes out to work should return home safely, because their family waits for them at home. However, while citizens follow the rules, officials fail to perform their duties. Accidents are more likely on bad roads. As a result, we urge the authorities concerned to resolve this road issue as soon as possible."

When civic authorities fail, it's up to citizens to take care of the safety of their fellow citizens. The death holes on Miyapur-Bachupally are dangerously deep and shallow and just waiting for some untoward incident to happen, says Srinivas Bellam, one of the four techies.

Further, Vinay Vangala said: "There hasn't been a review by HRDCL in the past three months, and there isn't a grievance mechanism or a phone number either to complain. There's no way to draw the administration's attention to the issue. Every day, commuters in the neighbourhood struggle, and some of them have even experienced disc problems. We are quite unhappy about the deadly holes on the Bachupally-Miyapur road as a result of HRDCL officials' neglect of the pothole problem. This is why we did our part, kept tree branches watchful, and expressed our discontent by erecting paper boats."

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