8 March Women's Day: Modi announces cut in domestic gas cylinder cost by Rs.100

Marking 8 March, International Women's Day 2024, Prime Minister announced cut in domestic gas (LPG) cylinder by Rs. 100

8 March Womens Day: Modi announces cut in domestic gas cylinder cost by Rs.100

HYDERABAD: Marking International WOmen's Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Friday the slashing of Rs. 100 per domestic gas cylinder from this month. He greeted the women on the occasion of Women's Day. With a view to reducing the domestic expenditure, gas cylinder price was cut by Rs. 100.

The Prime Minister took to social media platform 'X" and said: "Today, on Women's Day, our Government has decided to reduce LPG cylinder prices by Rs. 100. This will significantly ease the financial burden on millions of households across the country, especially benefiting our Nari Shakti. By making cooking gas more affordable, we also aim to support the well-being of families and ensure a healthier environment. This is in line with our commitment to empowering women and ensuring ‘Ease of Living’ for them."

This decision comes just a day after the Government of India announced a price cut on Ujjwala Yojana gas cylinders which are given to BPL families by Rs. 300. For Ujjwala scheme beneficiaries, the subsidy was enhanced from rs. 200 to Rs. 300 in October last and it was announced that the subsidy would be operational up to March 31. Now it has been extended.

In another post lauding women power, the Prime Minister said: "Greetings on International Women's Day! We salute the strength, courage, and resilience of our Nari Shakti and laud their accomplishments across various fields. Our government is committed to empowering women through initiatives in education, entrepreneurship, agriculture, technology and more. This is also reflected in our accomplishments in the last decade."

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