Oscar for RRR’s #NatuNatu: Are you licking your own wound, Mr Sanjay? You must

Bandi Sanjay Kumar must have been licking his own proverbial wound for resorting to tongue-lashing on the world famous RRR movie director SS Rajamouli


HYDERABAD: Telangana state unit president of the BJP Bandi Sanjay Kumar must have been licking his own proverbial wound for resorting to tongue-lashing on the world famous RRR movie director SS Rajamouli.

Dignity and decency are qualities one has to possess within his persona. If not, one must make an effort to acquire. But his recent lose talk on RRR movie are recorded all over the web and are haunting Bandi Sanjay like a spectre now.

At a public meeting, Sanjay issued a veiled threat to Rajamouli that he would kill the latter by hitting him with a spear. “If you try to release the movie, we will kill you by hitting repeatedly with a spear.” What an audacious and uncouth remark it was. He was taking umbrage to highlighting Komuram Bheem character in RRR movie, even before the movie has hit the screens.

“If you demean Adivasis in the movie, we will burn down all movie theatres wherever it’s released,” said Sanjay amid lusty cheers of fanatics.

Rajamouli, a celebrated movie director, is also son of Vijayendra Prasad, a person nominated to the Rajya Sabha by the President among the “persons of eminence” category. He was recommended to the coveted position by the Narendra Modi Government.

Bandi Sanjay, in a demonstration of utter disregard for the law of the land and human courtesies, threatened to kill Rajamouli and set fire to movie theatres. Apparently, he had given a quiet goby to the fact that he is in a democratic country where Freedom of Expression is guaranteed by the Article 19 (1) (a) of the Constitution of India, authored by a team led by the most respected Dr B R Ambedkar.

Whose blood is Bandi Sanjay baying for when he is portraying himself as a proponent of violence and barbarism? Going by the video-graphic evidence, perhaps the law should act on him and bring him to book.

Rajamouli has given the names of Sitarama Raju (a la revolutionary freedom fighter Alluri) to the character portrayed by Ramcharan Tej and Komuram Bheem (a la the Telangana Adivasi revolutionary freedom fighter Komuram Bheem) to the role donned by Jr NTR. The names were given to the characters in the fictional story, with a view to highlighting the spirit of freedom struggle in the movie.

Sanjay jumped the gun and wagged his tongue without even enquiring into the theme and concept of the storyline of RRR that set the silver screen on fire.

Now, netizens are shredding him into pieces and hauling him over the coals for his boorish blabber on the movie.

Though he had changed the tack without expressing any remorse after the global movie rattled the box office with unforeseen response in many counties, his recorded remarks couldn’t be camouflaged. Now his own words must be echoing within him.

His drivel provided enough fodder to his detractors to target him and pulverise him, after the movie’s number #NatuNatu became a rage in the last few weeks and is dancing on the international canvas.

The dubious distinction of Bandi’s balderdash has effectively impaled his imprudent attitude.

Politics is for those who please their people, not those who unleash sleaze. If vote is a spear, people know who to pierce it into politically and democratically. Boss, enough is enough. At least, now apologise to all those against who you blurted out invectives.

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