Bharat Jodo Yatra like a cat undertaking Hajj after killing 1,000 mice: Kavitha's jibe at Rahul Gandhi

MLC Kavitha lashed out heavily at the Congress Party and Rahul Gandhi while speaking about the interests of minorities

Bharat Jodo Yatra like a cat undertaking Hajj after killing 1,000 mice: Kavithas jibe at Rahul Gandhi

HYDERABAD: Rahul Gandhi claims that the Constitution and democracy are under attack, but the truth is that Telangana has a strong leader and a strong democracy, and the Constitution is flourishing under the leadership of Chief Minister KCR, said BRS MLC Kavitha Kalvakuntla on Wednesday.

MLC Kavitha, while addressing a public meeting in Bodhan after leading a Padyatra to the venue, said that some elements in India divide people in the name of caste, but in Telangana, self-respect buildings are being built for each caste in Hyderabad, and the government is helping all caste professions. On similar lines, some elements in the country try to divide people in the name of religion, but in Telangana, the government celebrates the festivals of all religions.

MLC Kavitha lashed out heavily at the Congress Party and Rahul Gandhi while speaking about the interests of minorities. She said that Rahul Gandhi launched Bharat Jodo Yatra which is no less than the popular saying of '1000 chuhon ko maar kar, Billi Haj pe Chali' - she accused Congress Party and its leader for not doing anything for the minorities. She asked Rahul Gandhi, in 62 years of rule what did the congress do for Muslims or the poor?

She recalled that when Congress leader Sudarshan Reddy, was Irrigation Minister in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh not even a single pond was repaired, but after the formation of Telangana state, under CM KCR’s leadership 152 ponds were repaired in Bodhan. MLC Kavitha said that Sudarshan Reddy is a big businessman, while Shakeel is an ordinary worker, the son of a school teacher. Stating that 'Competition is between seniority and sincerity in Bodhan', Kavitha asked people to decide which one they wanted.

MLC Kavitha further said, Congress only gave the slogan of 'Garibi Hatao' but focused on 'Garib Hatao'. Speaking about Telangana, she said in the last 10 years, the kind of Inqalab that Chief Minister KCR brought for people or Telangana is a never seen before leadership for India.

MLC Kavitha said that all the Muslims in Telangana are not thinking about anything other than Car-KCR-Sarkar. In Telangana, there were no clashes between religions during KCR's regime, but a similar situation has arisen all over the country.

MLC Kavitha made it clear that Rahul Gandhi is talking about the danger of democracy in the country and as long as KCR is there, democracy will not be destroyed in Telangana. She said that Telangana is the only state that has given MLC to a Muslim leader and made him Deputy Chief Minister. Telangana is the only state that has made a Muslim leader as Home Minister and Revenue Minister. MLC Kavitha asked the people of the constituency to win Shakeel as MLA once again with a huge majority in the coming elections.

MLC Kavitha further asked the minorities that why do you want to go with congress and they should think that how many more chances do they want to give congress when nothing has changed for them, under the congress rule.

The MLC said that 1.30 lakh job vacancies have been announced in Telangana alone, and no job vacancies have been filled on such a large scale in BJP and Congress-ruled states. She reminded that more than 30 lakh jobs have been created in the private sector with the policies of the BRS government.

MLC Kavitha said that BRS is the homegrown party of the people of Telangana, a party with a deep connection with the people. MLC Kavitha said that people look like EVMs to other parties, but for BRS party, people are our family. She said that ours is an umbilical bond and other parties are vote bonds. On Independence Day, CM KCR announced to waive off the pending loans of all the farmers and the BRS government has waived the loans of 35000crores to 35 lakh farmers in two phases. MLC Kavitha asked BRS leaders to go to farmers and explain about Bandhu and loan waivers.

Kavitha further reminded the leaders of other parties sitting in Delhi and Hyderabad who have been trying to distract the Muslims in Telangana that the Muslims in Telangana are only thinking about “Car and KCR”.

Former Member of Parliament from Nizamabad, K. Kavitha appealed to the minority voters across India that the way KCR Government has protected interests of every community in Telangana- this is how the BRS Party under the leadership of KCR wants to build India.

She called upon Karyakartas to explain BRS government programs to people. MLC Kavitha said that MLA Shakeel’s victory is bound to happen looking at the way BRS Karyakartas joined them. She shared that she was emotional looking at the unwavering support of people in Padayatra.

MLC Kavitha said that after the formation of Telangana state, the BRS government provided schemes to every household without discriminating against people in the name of caste and religion.

MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha asked people to think and bless the BRS party whether they want KCR who gives 24 hours electricity or Congress who gives 3 hours electricity.

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