Congress rule in Telangana facing a steady decline: KCR

BRS chief KCR, in a review meeting with leaders from Mahabubnagar and Nagarkurnool constituencies, slammed the Congress party for failing to fulfilll its promises to the people.

Congress rule in Telangana facing a steady decline: KCR

HYDERABAD: Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) President and former Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) said that the Congress rule in Telangana was facing a steady decline.

He was addressing a preparatory meeting for the coming Lok Sabha elections with the leaders of Mahabubnagar and Nagarkurnool parliamentary constituencies at Telangana Bhavan on Tuesday.

KCR highlighted the growing discontent among the public, even before the completion of the Congress government's first 100 days. He lamented the alleged deviation of the Congress party from its pre-election promises, noting that despite winning the elections with various guarantees, the Congress has failed to deliver. He accused the Congress of avoiding accountability when questioned about fulfillling promised guarantees, resorting to silence and veiled threats instead.

During the meeting, KCR reflected on historical instances where the BRS party faced temporary setbacks. However, he asserted that realising they had been misled, voters came back to support the party.

He reminded that when Telangana State was formed, he represented Mahabubnagar as an MP in Parliament. Several development and welfare schemes were implemented for the development of Palamuru during the previous regime. He said Palamuru was transformed from a drought-hit district into a green one during the BRS rule. However, he noted that the present Congress government stopped all developmental works. He emphasised that people were noticing such ill-advised decisions, and they would give a befitting answer to the Congress party in the upcoming elections.

Drawing attention to the Congress government's failures, KCR emphasised its inability to meet essential needs such as drinking water, irrigation, and electricity in Telangana. He criticised the government for lacking vision in introducing new initiatives and failing to continue schemes initiated by the previous BRS administration, leaving the public disillusioned.

Addressing the leaders, KCR underscored that victories and defeats are inherent in politics and urged them to stand united with the public to address their issues. He emphasised the party's commitment to working in alignment with the aspirations of the people of Telangana, building on the movement's legacy.

Regarding the proposed alliance with the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), KCR discussed the positive responses received and outlined the long-term goal of safeguarding the people's interests across the state. Stressing the significance of collaborating with Dalit Bahujan forces, he expressed confidence that such an alliance would fulfilll the aspirations of Telangana's citizens. He mentioned that the work done by the BRS government with the philosophy of secularism has been an example for the country. He stated that BRS and BSP would work together to fulfill the wishes of the people fully in the coming period. He mentioned that more discussions would be held to finalise the other modalities of the alliance in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

KCR also announced the incumbent MP, Manne Srinivas Reddy, as the BRS candidate for the Mahabubnagar constituency in the upcoming parliamentary elections. He said the candidate for the Nagarkurnool seat would be finalised soon after discussions with important leaders.

Former ministers, public representatives, and other prominent leaders from the joint Palamuru district attended the meeting.

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