Congress to repeal Modi's anti-labor policies: Manikrao Thakre

Thakre said that the Congress party would implement the laws made by the Congress administration for construction workers

Congress to repeal Modis anti-labor policies: Manikrao Thakre

HYDERABAD: If the Congress wins, it will immediately repeal the Modi government's anti-labor policies, said Manikrao Thakre, the AICC's Telangana in-charge, on Saturday.

Manikrao Thakre told the press at Gandhi Bhavan on Saturday, "The Congress party will provide daily wage labourers with a minimum of Rs. 200 days of work and raise their daily wage to Rs. 400. We will also regularise the contract workers. The High Power Committee will pay Singareni outsourcing workers. We will also review the pensions of retired Singareni employees.”

When discussing better facilities for migrant workers and municipal workers, the AICC Telangana in-charge said, "We will provide all the facilities as per law to the migrant workers as per the law. Cleaning staff in all towns will have access to health insurance."

Thakre said that the Congress party would implement the laws made by the Congress administration for construction workers. He also indicated that the Congress would enhance beedi workers' wages and provide them with all of the supplies necessary by law. He said that the Congress party would also address the issues of RTC and Telangana Electricity Board employees.

Youth Congress Plenary will be held on July 11-13

The Youth Congress Plenary would be conducted from July 11 to July 13, 2023 in Telangana state. A number of activities would be organised in Telangana under the auspices of the Youth Congress Plenary.

"The BJP government has implemented several anti-people policies. We will discuss the BJP's policies at the Youth Congress Plenary," Manikrao Thakre said.

The Telangana AICC in-charge highlighted the importance of the Youth Congress in Karnataka polls, saying, "Youth Congress played a key role in the Karnataka assembly elections.We will assign one in-charge of the assembly constituency in Telangana and two in charge of the parliament constituency in Karnataka for those who worked in the Karnataka assembly elections.

"We have already finalised the in-charge for 60 assembly constituencies. The Youth Congress will be allocated tickets in the upcoming assembly elections. The youth will benefit from the Congress party's decision in Chintan Shibir. We shall follow whatever decisions the leadership takes regarding the Congress party tickets."

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