Empty chairs greet Rahul Gandhi at Saroor Nagar Stadium

Rahul Gandhi waited in his caravan due to low turnout. When he finally spoke, the sight of empty chairs led him to cut his speech short.

Empty chairs greet Rahul Gandhi at Saroor Nagar Stadium

HYDERABAD: The Congress meeting held at Saroor Nagar Stadium in Hyderabad on Thursday was a major disappointment, with very few attendees.

The meeting, which was expected to draw a large crowd, faced a significant setback when it became clear that no one was showing up. Rahul Gandhi, who was initially supposed to address the gathering from the stage, reportedly waited in his caravan for a long time due to the lack of attendees. When he finally emerged to speak, the sight of empty chairs made it challenging for him to continue his speech. He addressed the sparse crowd for less than ten minutes before leaving the venue.

Many Congress leaders were disappointed by the poor turnout. They believed that the lack of enthusiasm from the local party members or attendees who walked out contributed to the event's failure. The embarrassing turnout overshadowed Congress's claims of winning at least 14 out of 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana.

With just two more days left for campaigning, the disappointing outcome of this public meeting could demoralise Congress cadres not just in Malkajgiri but across other constituencies in Telangana.

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