Godse is sitting in Gandhi Bhavan: KTR

KTR said that Revanth Reddy was engaging in dishonest activities by selling tickets for personal gain

Godse is sitting in Gandhi Bhavan: KTR

NIRMAL: Congress is an old fox that has failed 11 times and could do nothing for people in 60 years,” said BRS Working President K T Rama Rao in Nirmal district on Wednesday.

He said that the Congress in Telangana was functioning under RSS leader Revanth Reddy. KTR said that the Punjab former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had written a letter to Sonia Gandhi questioning why an RSS leader was made the Chief of the Congress Party in Telangana.

Talking about Revanth Reddy, KTR said “Godse is sitting in Gandhi Bhavan. Revanth Reddy is a leader who said three-hour current supply was sufficient for the farmers in our state."

He asked the people to recollect Congress days when farmers were deprived of many benefits, apart from current and water problems, inadequate supply of seeds and fertilizers, and many more.

KTR said that Revanth Reddy was engaging in dishonest activities by selling tickets for personal gain. Furthermore, he said that a Congress member attempted suicide by jumping into Hussain Sagar Lake after feeling deceived by the party's refusal to grant them a ticket by selling tickets to others.

KTR highlighted the water and current problems in the state during the Congress government. “Congress leaders like KomatiReddy Venkat Reddy said that he would resign if we prove current being provided for 24 hrs in the State. We will arrange buses for all the Congress leaders. Let them come and hold current wires and check for themselves,” said KTR.

“Chief Minister KCR increased the pension amount from Rs. 200 to Rs. 2,000. While Congress gave pensions to 29 lakh people, BRS Govt is giving pensions to 46 lakh people,” said KTR. He added that physically challenged persons were getting Rs. 4,000 as pension and no other state government was giving pension amounts on par with KCR Govt.

KTR said that Congress and BJP were unable to digest the fact that the farmers' lives were improving in Telangana and said that both the National parties cheated Telangana people for years.

KTR said that BJP was bringing money from Adani and Congress was bringing money from Karnataka to win over CM KCR in Telangana. “BJP and Congress work together and the best example could be the Nizamabad MP election where they coordinated well and shared votes,” KTR said.

KTR said that PM Modi did no good to the people of Telangana in the last nine years. He said that PM Modi increased the prices of gas cylinders from Rs. 400 to Rs 1200, petrol prices from Rs. 70 to Rs. 110, and ensured skyrocketing prices of other essential goods. “Not sure about bringing back black money, but Modi did introduce black laws,” he added.

“Whoever received Rs 15 lakh in their accounts can vote for BJP and whoever received Rythu Bandhu money can vote for BRS,” said KTR. In a sarcastic tone, KTR said that PM Modi keeps flagging off the Vande Bharath trains multiple times. He said that nobody would have a problem if the Prime Minister Narendra Modi got down at every station and used the same flag to send the train.

“We are not Delhi or Gujarat slaves. We are Telangana people’s A team,” said KTR. “If the BRS party wants to make a decision, our party members will make it. We do not need your (referring to PM Modi) NOC,” said KTR.

KTR said that Chief Minister KCR works for the welfare of every section of society and does not discriminate based on religion. He added that the BJP leaders openly abuse Muslim MPs in Parliament.

Highlighting the welfare schemes of the BRS government, KTR said that Chief Minister KCR in the past nine years had introduced farmer-friendly schemes such as Rythu Bandhu, and Rythu Bheema, and supported weaker sections by introducing the Kalyana Lakshmi program, distributed KCR Kits. He added that Chief Minister KCR had set up 1,001 Gurukula schools in the state. He also said that Chief Minister KCR would be launching a breakfast scheme for children on October 6, 2023.

“State will only progress under the KCR government that works for the welfare of all,” said KTR.

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