Modi govt working for crony capitalists, BRS will fight for transforming India: KCR

KCR addressed a public meeting on Monday at Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar in Aurangabad

Modi govt working for crony capitalists, BRS will fight for transforming India: KCR

HYDERABAD: In a country where farmers are dying in hundreds, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is exhibiting tigers, says Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) president and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. KCR addressed a public meeting on Monday at Chhatrapati Sambhaji Nagar in Aurangabad.

"Despite so many parties and leaders coming up in our country, the core issues remain unaddressed," KCR said during his third public meeting in Maharashtra. "Instead of focusing on these issues, the Prime Minister is happy letting cheetahs and tigers out in the wild. There is a lot of hype on where they were brought from. Unless we become tigers, India will not transform.

Our farmers are the real tigers, they need to be saved," he added.

Talking about the drinking water crisis in Maharashtra, KCR said, "India attained freedom 75 years ago. People in Akola and other parts of Maharashtra are experiencing drinking water shortages. Maharashtra is endowed with numerous rivers that flow through the state, including the Krishna, Manjeera, and Ghataprabha. Despite Mumbai's status as a financial Capital of India, there is no drinking water. People are not requesting gold but merely water. Many governments have helmed, and even drinking water issue could not be addressed.”

“Should India remain the same or transform?" He asked.

KCR sai:, "Scarcity of water and electricity are the two major factors contributing to the farmers’ suicides in the country. We have double the resources of water than what the country needs. Still, we don’t get abundant water. Neither the Prime Minister nor the government in the state has the political will to provide drinking or irrigation water. Farmers’ suicides should be stopped. The ineptness of the parties that successively held the power of the country are the reason for this plight."

"We need to write a new water policy to change this situation," he averred. India was still lagging behind in terms of water management. Water could not be produced in factories. It was a divine natural gift. Many countries had learned this lesson, but India's leaders had not.

“Bring the BRS government to Maharashtra, and every house would have running water within five years. This is my promise. This is what Telangana made possible. As a result, the Gond tribals of Adilabad drink the same quality water as the elite of Hyderabad's Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills,” he said.

"Eight years ago, before Telangana was formed, people had access to electricity for three hours a day. Power is now available round the clock throughout the state. Farmers are also provided with free 24-hour electricity.

“If it can be done successfully in Telangana, why can't it be done in Maharashtra?" questioned the Telangana Chief Minister.

Instead of utilising natural resources and massive coal reserves, the Modi government, according to KCR, was giving it away to its cronies and friends. “Why are they going to privatise the power sector? Do they believe it’s their hereditary property? When the BRS takes power, we will repeal all of the Modi government's privatisation policies.

"We have abolished the Talati system (Patwari) and digitalised registration to eliminate the need for middlemen," he said.

“Modi talks about Digital India. Telangana has also done so. Registration takes about 15 minutes. Why isn't it happening in BJP-ruled Maharashtra? Do we live in Lok Shahi or Tanashahi?" he asked.

"Under Rythu Beema, Rs 5 lakh farmers insurance is disbursed directly to the affected family in Telangana without the need for any external intervention," KCR pointed out.

“With these considerations in mind, I devised the slogan, abh ki baar kisaan sarkar. Why can't farmers set their own prices for their own produce?

"Unemployment has risen. Many industries have shut down. The issues of caste, religion, and nationalism took centre stage. The wealthy are becoming wealthier. The poor are getting poorer. It is the hard reality. Should we continue as is or seek a treatment/medication? Youth should advance. Tomorrow is yours, and so is the future. Will you be like this for long?

"Parivarthan is necessary, and BRS took its birth for this very need of the country's transformation. It is not for the benefit of any one region or faith. BRS will fight until India is transformed," KCR said.

"When someone takes the lead on this, all the evil forces come together and try to create obstacles," KCR lamented.

“But we shouldn't be concerned. If we are true in our approach, we will undoubtedly win", he asserted.

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