How can you protect yourself from online trolling?

Their intent is to harass and traumatize the victim


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HYDERABAD: Knowing how to prevent trolling is important because it can be cruel and harmful, causing serious problems like depression, self-harm, or suicide attempts.

Modus Operandi of trollers

  • The troll sends proactive messages/posts to the targeted person in the group, content page
  • They wait for the reaction from the victim and feeds on it to incite the group members to take action.
  • Their intent is to harass and traumatize the victim.

Follow these simple guidelines to avoid being impacted by online trolling

  • Keep your cool and ban or block the troller; never feed on their bait by reacting to their trolls. (In short, go to the settings page of any of your social media accounts and select relevant privacy and security options.
  • Think carefully and thoughtfully before responding and putting them off with humour or a very kind response with specific relevant facts. Always reinforce the no-troll policy and friendly group.
  • Identify and block the troll, points or traits to identify the online rollers are: spelling and grammar they make mistakes, they exaggerate, they Make it personal and act entitled.
  • Immediately complain about the troll to the social media help center. (Select the reporting option to report your issue.)
  • Contact the social media help desk right away to lodge a complaint against the troll.
  • Share your videos privately, and restrict your privacy settings to friends only.
  • Youtube > Upload > Select Files to Upload > Private (select "private" from the drop-down list of privacy options given below) >type the individual mail ids you want to share it with > click the "share" button
  • Youtube Studio > Video Manager Choose the video > "Edit" the drop-down list in it > choose "Info and settings" >select "private" from the drop-down list. type individual mail ids
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