BRS hopes on irrigation projects for win in Kalwakurthy where Chitharanjan defeated mighty NTR

Jaipal Yadav is facing anti-incumbency in Kalwakurthy. The Kalwakurthy Lift irrigation canal has not yet been completed. This was his main promise in the election

BRS hopes on irrigation projects for win in Kalwakurthy where Chitharanjan defeated mighty NTR

Assembly Constituency :Kalwakurthy

Parliament: Nagarkurnool

District: Nagarkurnool

MLA Name: Gurka Jaipal Yadav (Yadava)

MP Name: Pothuganti Ramulu

Reservation: GEN

Total Voters: 2,21,161 Rural Voters: 90%

Booths: 262 Male: 51%

Urban Voters: 10% Female: 49%

Caste & Religious Demography:

· Gen + OBC: 61.3%

· SC: 19.6%

· ST: 19.1%

· Hindu: 94.1%

· Muslim: 4.9%

· Others :1%


Gurka Jaipal Yadav (BRS)

Belonging to the strong Yadava community, the BRS candidate Gurka Jaipal Yadav started his political career as a Sarpanch. For the first time, he was elected to the State Assembly on the TDP ticket. In 2004 he lost to a Congress candidate. In 2009 he bounced back into the political arena again winning the Kalwakurthy seat for the TDP. In the thick of the Telangana agitation, he joined BRS in 2014.

Kasireddy Narayan Reddy (Cong)

Kasireddy Narayan Reddy a BRS MLC joined the Congress on October 6, 2023, even though has four more years to his tenure as MLC. After a 12-year stint with the BRS the BRS leader shifted to the grand old party saying that the party betrayed him. Congress is fielding this strong man, but one must wait and see whether his BRS cadre follows him or stays back with the pink party.

Thalloju Achary (BJP)

Achary was born in Amangal village in 1966. He was the Mahbubnagar district BJP unit president and contested in 2014 elections from Kalwakurthy but lost the elections. He is trying his luck for the second time. As a former member of the National BC Commission Talloju has enough clout in the BC community in the constituency.

Assembly constituency information:

Geography: Amangal,Kadthal,Madgul,Thalakondapally, Kalwakurthy and Veldanda mandals are part of the Assembly constituency. The BRS won Kalwakurthy ZPTC and seven MPTCs, the Congress (INC) won three MPTCs and the BJP won onlyone MPTC in this mandal.

Pothuganti Bharath, son of the present Nagarkurnool MP won from TRS MPTC. Madigas form a majority in this mandal. Because of Ramulu, Madigas are supporting the TRS.

Veldanda ZPTC and five MPTCs won by the TRS, the Congress won three MPTCs and the BJP won three MPTCs in this mandal. Most of the SC and OBCs, Yadavs, Gouds and Mudhiraj support TRS. In Amangal mandal the TRS won ZPTC and four MPTCs the Congress didn't win a single seat in this mandal. STs are the majority in this mandal. For creating separate gram panchayats for STs most Lambadas are supporting TRS.

Thalakondapally Mandal ZPTC: All India Forward Block (AIFB) party has won six MPTCs from this mandal, the Congress won one MPTC and BJP won one MPTC. Uppala Venkatesh ZPTC was a former TDP leader, later he contested as ZPTC and won from this mandal. Money and his services through the Uppala Foundation helped him to win as ZPTC. SCs and OBCs supported him and he has a good connection with the TDP cadre.

Madgula Mandal: ZPTC and six MPTCs won by TRS, the Congress won and TRS won eight MPTCs. Reddy's are very powerful in this mandal farmer central Minister Jaipal Reddy belongs to this village. His family has good connections with people.

Kadthal mandal: ZPTC and four MPTCs are won by TRS, the Congress won four MPTCs and the BJP won only one MPTC from this mandal. Lambadas are the majority in this mandal. And after 2018 they shifted to the TRS, the INC also has its cadre from gross root level.

Economic Background: The Major economic activity in the assembly constituency is agriculture and the main crops are rice, and horticulture crops. It is a rain-fed region.


This Assembly constituency was formed in 1952. The Congress won ten times, independents won two times, and the TDP won one time. The mighty NTR lost from Kalwakurthy in 1985 in the hands of INC candidate Chitharanjan Das.

MLA Profile:

Personal Background: He hails from an Agricultural family.

Profession: Journalist, Advocate and Politician

Political Background: Jaipal Yadav joined the Janata Party in 1981. He served as Challampalli Sarpanch from 1981 to 1995. He joined the Telugu Desam party in 1986. In 1995, he contested from TDP and was elected as Talakondapalli ZPTC. From 1997 to 1999 he served as Chairman of the BC Finance Corporation. He contested from Kalwakurthy as the TDP candidate in the 1999 Assembly elections and was elected to the Assembly for the first time. In the 2004 Assembly elections, he lost to Congress. He contested the Zilla Parishad elections from Vanguru in 2006 and won as ZPTC. He contested the 2009 Assembly elections as the TDP candidate and won the Assembly for the second time by a narrow margin of 597 votes. During the Telangana movement in 2014, in March he joined the TRS.

Financial Strength: Moderate to Strong

He has hotel and construction businesses.

2014 Analysis:

In 2014, Congress candidtate Challa Vamshichand Reddy won from this constituency.A village called Jupally where the repolling happened in that Village. Because of technical problem in that EVM it doesn't work for counting. The election commission has conducted repolling in that Village. By that time results of the entire state were also declared. Till then BJP and INC were very close to win, and that village became the deciding factor in that election.

The Congress won with 78 votes margin in repolling. In this elections, TRS did not perform well because there was no coordination and understanding within the party leaders. Balaji Singh was there in the TRS since many years in the TRS. But he didn't get a party ticket and he contested as an independent candidate.

Kasireddy Narayan Reddy also contested as an independent. These all were taken by the TRS and neutral votes. Ex. MLA Yadma Kista Reddy contested from the YSRCP, he damaged the INC vote bank. In the TDP and the BJP alliance Thalloju Achary contested he stood in second place. Jaipal Yadav was MLA from 2009 to 2014 Just before election he joined TRS, but TDP cadre did not join him in TRS. The TDP cadre worked against TRS. Losing Achary in every election also helped him to get a second position in those elections. Achary caste ‘Viswakarma’ is very low in this constituency. That was also one of the reason for his loss in the elections. In Amangal Municipality only Achary's social group is in majority.

2018 Analysis:

In 2018, elections the TRS candidate Jaipal Yadav won from this constituency. He was Ex. MLA in the TDP in 1999 and in 2009. In 2014 also he contested as the TRS candidate. And stood in third place. His personal followers, old TDP cadre, welfare schemes and Yadavas votes helped him to win in elections in 2018.

Yadavas, Gouds and Mudhirajs are majority in this assembly. And most of them were supported the TRS. Before the TRS OBC castes were inclined towards TDP. In 2018, welfare schemes, support from the OBC community were added to him. And establishing SC, and BC residential colleges and giving promises about irrigation water to Kalwakurthy AC helped the TRS.

In this election, Madigas are supported the TRS, because Ramulu Ex. Minister from Achampet joined the TRS. He has influence in Kalwakurthy especially among the SCs he is very popular. The Lambada community also supported Jaipal Yadav in 2018 elections. Kadthal and Amangal mandal extended their support to Jaipal Yadav and the TRS. The BJP candidate Thalloju Achary again stood in second position. Achary had good support in urban parts of the constituency. In Amangal municipality, Kalwakurthy and other mandal headquarters. The BJP candidate Achary has been getting more votes and stood in second place. Mainly OBC communities support him and in previous elections Reddies also supported Achary.

Current Situation

Jaipal Yadav is facing anti-incumbency in Kalwakurthy. The Kalwakurthy Lift irrigation canal was not yet completed. This was his main promise in the election. But till now Kalwakurthy didn't get water. His Son in Law Srinivas Yadav became Shadow MLA in Kalwakurthy. There are a lot of allegations about his involvement in illegal issues, like demanding money from contractors. And also he was involved in land settlements. After losing in the 2018 elections BJP candidate Chary became OBC commission member. He is very active in Kalwakurthy. People always have faith in Achary while Congress has lost its credibility.

Key Local Issues:

· Incomplete Kalwakurthy lift irrigation

· Completion Palamuru Ranga Reddy Irrigation project

· Completion of Laxmidevipally project in Shadnagar constituency and giving water to Thalakondapally and Kadthal mandal

· Polytechnic college and Diet college Expansion of Roads

· Underground drainage

· Hundred-bed hospital

· Govt Junior college in all mandals

· Degree college in Amangal

· Railway line to Kalwakurthy

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