BRS looks for third straight win in SC dominated Bellampalli

The key battle would be between two-time MLA Durgam Chinniah from the BRS and Gaddam Vinod from the Congress

BRS looks for third straight win in SC dominated Bellampalli

Assembly Constituency- Bellampalli

Parliament: Peddapalli

District: Mancherial

MLA: Durgam Chinnaiah (Nethakani)

MP: Agam Chandrasekhar (INC, Madiga)

Reservation: SC

Total Voters: 1,61,908

Booths: 227

Urban Voters: 33%

Rural Voters: 67%

Male: 51%

Female: 49%

Caste & Religious Demography:

  • Gen + OBC: 63.70%
  • SC: 26.10%
  • ST: 10.20%
  • Hindu: 92.50%
  • Muslim: 5.10%
  • Others : 2.40%

Durgam Chinniah (BRS): He is a two-time MLA. He started his Political Journey with the TDP. Later on, he joined the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Party. He won as Bellampalli MLA in 2014 and 2018 and is seeking a third term.

Gaddam Vinod (Congress): He belongs to the Mala Community and had served as Labour minister in the undivided Andhra Government (2004-2009) and MLA for Chennur constituency. In the 2018 Telangana Assembly election, he contested as BSP candidate from Bellampally constituency as TRS refused to give party ticket and lost. G. Vinod rejoined the Congress party in 2020.

Amarajula Sridevi (BJP): Not much information about this candidate

Assembly Constituency Information

Geography: This Assembly was formed in 2009 under Delimitation. It has 7 mandals-Bellampalli, Bheemini, Kasipet, Nennal, Vemanpalli, Tandur, Kannepalli. Bellampalli, Tandur, Bheemini Mandals were in Asifabad. Kasipet mandal was in Luxettipet constituency and Nennal, Vemanapalle mandal was in Chennur AC.

Background: It is a SC Reserved Constituency. In 2009, CPI candidate Gunda Mallesh (Mala) won the elections with the support of the TRS and the TDP. In 2014 ans 2018, TRS candidate Durga Chinnaiah won as MLA from this constituency. Nethakani caste are electorally dominating.

MLA Background: Durgam Chinniah was born on May 31, 1972 in Nennal, Adilabad district. He graduated from Osmania University..He however has been facing flak from a woman who has accused him of sexual harassment. A few days ago, villagers stopped him during his campaign for not resolving podu land issues, In Tandur, people were not given 2BHKs which is a negative remark against the MLA.

Profession: Real Estate Business

Political Background: He started his political career in the TDP. He worked as Nennal mandal ZPTC. He participated aggressively in the Telangana movement. He was elected as the MLA in 2014 and 2018 from this constituency.

Financial Strength: Strong.

Remarks: Till 2018, he was very much accessible to the people which reduced a bit after 2018.

Cultural / Historical / Religious Identifiers

  • Hanuman Mandir
  • Ayyappa Swami Temple
  • Sai Baba Temple
  • Peddamma Temple
  • Sri Sai Ganapathi Baktha Mandali

2014 Election Analysis

  • BRS candidate Durgam Chinnaih was able to consolidate Nethakani votes and OBC votes.
  • CPI candidate Gunda Mallesh (incumbent MLA) failed to build cadre and he was able to get INC core vote bank of SC and Muslims.
  • TDP was able to woo their traditional vote bank of STs and OBCs.

2018 Election Analysis

  • Vemanapalli water project helps TRS to consolidate the Farmers votes in the AE.
  • TRS Candidate Durgam Chinnaih was able to Consolidate Nethakani votes and Other votes due to fulfillment of promises made in 2014 election during last leg of 2018 Elections.
  • In the 2018 elections,INC cadre supported Gaddam Vinod (Contested from BSP) because of his past association with INC.INC vote bank shifted to Vinod.
  • Later in the elections Gaddam Vinod joined the Congress.
  • Vedaprakash (independent candidate) got 10,684 votes in this election. EC allocated him the truck symbol, which resembled the TRS’ car because of which people got confused. Instead of voting for TRS, they voted for him.
  • Gunda Mallesh didn’t have the financial strength to beat his opponents because of financial issues.

Current situation:

  • BRS MLA Durgam Chinnaiah is facing allegations that he received commission from the Orient Cement Factory (Kasipet mandal). Farmers are still awaiting compensation.
  • Gaddam Vinod is continuously building his own cadre in the Assembly

Key local issues:

  • Medical College Demand
  • Singareni area land pattas pending
  • Water pipeline demand from Godavari
  • Bus depot demand for Bellampally
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