High stakes: Two-time winner Talasani Srinivas Yadav takes on four-time MLA Marri Shashidhar Reddy in Sanathnagar

Sanath Nagar, an urban seat, has been a popular choice for the Congress and the TDP in the past 10 elections

High stakes: Two-time winner Talasani Srinivas Yadav takes on four-time MLA Marri Shashidhar Reddy in Sanathnagar

Assembly constituency- Sanath Nagar

District: Hyderabad

MLA: Talasani Srinivas Yadav (Yadav)

Reservation: GEN

Total Voters: 2,35,702

Booths: 229

Urban Voters: 100 %

Rural Voters: 0 %

Male: 53 %

Female: 47 %

Caste & Religious demography

Gen + BC: 92 %

SC: 6 %

ST: 2 %

Hindu: 58 %

Muslim: 37 %

Others : 5 %


Talsani Srinivas Yadav (BRS)

Personal Background

Talasani Srinivas Yadav was born on October 6, 1965, in Secunderabad to Venkatesham Yadav and Lalitha Bai. His father, Venkatesham Yadav, was the president of the Monda market worker union. Talsani Srinivas Yadav, a graduate from Osmania University, previously worked as a potato trader before pursuing a political career.

He is married to Swarna and the couple have three children: Swarna, Shwetha, and Sai Kiran Yadav. In 2019, his son Sai Kiran contested for MP from Secunderabad Parliament Constituency, against Kishan Reddy.

Srinivas Yadav, popularly known as Seeniah, is highly admired for organising Ujjaini Mahankali Ammavaru Mahotsav in Secunderabad.

Political Background

Talsani Srinivas Yadav is a five-time MLA who has served in five ministries during his political career. He is financially strong and one of Telangana's most senior and influential politicians, particularly in the twin cities. He comes from a dominant community in Hyderabad politics, with a substantial following in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states.

Talsani Srinivas Yadav ran for the TDP in the 2014 Assembly elections and joined the TRS (now BRS) after winning from the TDP seat in Sanath Nagar constituency.

Kota Neelima (Congress)

The Congress has fielded Kota Neelima, a renowned author, researcher, and socio-political activist from Sanath Nagar constituency. She is the wife of AICC National spokesperson Pawan Khera.

Kota Neelima, a Senior Research Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Delhi and a Master's degree in International Relations from Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Kota Neelima intends to challenge four-time MLA Marri Sashidhar Reddy and two-time MLA Talsani Srinivas Yadav in Sanath Nagar

Marri Shashidhar Reddy (BJP)

Marri Shashidhar Reddy was born on August 24, 1949 in Hyderabad to Marri Chenna Reddy, the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

He was elected to the Sanath Nagar Assembly constituency four times. He first ran in by-elections in 1992 and was re-elected three times (1994, 2004, 2009) from the same constituency.

Marri Sashidhar Reddy, who joined the BJP in November 2022, will face Talsani Srinivas Yadav from Sanath Nagar. Marri Shashidhar Reddy, a BJP candidate who previously won the seat on a Congress ticket in 1992, 1994, 2004, and 2009, seeks to secure the party's first victory in Sanath Nagar.

Constituency details


Sanath Nagar, an urban seat, has been a popular choice for the Congress and the TDP in the past 10 elections.


The seat is dominated by the TDP and the Congress, with the majority of Andhra natives being first-generation migrants with no voter identity.

Sanath Nagar is a well-known industrial area with five GHMC divisions, including chemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, and mechanical industries, and where the TRS has won one election and the BJP has won two elections.

2014 Assembly elections analysis

Sanath Nagar is a predominantly Muslim community-dominated area and has a considerable presence of Goud and Munnuru kapu. Talasani Srinivas ran for the first time in 2014 from the Sanath Nagar Assembly constituency instead of his home constituency, Secunderabad, where he was elected thrice.

Despite running on a TDP ticket in the 2014 elections, Talasani received full support from the TRS candidates and cadre.

Talsani Srinivas Yadav, the TDP's popular face with five-time MLA terms, had significantly contributed to the TDP's growth in undivided Andhra Pradesh.

Marri Shashidhar Reddy, a four-time MLA, faced anti-incumbency due to his inability to engage with the public, lack of ground presence, and lack of sympathy for local issues.

He had disagreements with Chief Minister Rajashekar Reddy, which prevented him from becoming a minister. He also received little support from the Congress Party, and his relations and networking were hampered. He became the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) national vice-chairman due to which he couldn't dedicate much time for the constituency.

Dande Vithal, a TRS candidate, gained support from the TRS followers, Dalits, and Muslims due to his participation in the Telangana movement.

Talasani won because of his ability to unite North Indians, Seemandhara, and Andhra Muslims, as well as a strong following from the BC community, and because of the split between the Congress and the TRS votes among the Muslims and the Christians.

2018 Assembly elections analysis

Talasani Srinivas from the TRS secured a 26.6 percent vote share with 30,651 votes, in 2018 Assembly elections. He was extremely disappointed with Chandrababu Naidu in 2014 after he appointed R Krishnaiah as the Chief Minister candidate.

He adapted to Naidu's expectations, but with Krishnaiah's involvement, the tension between Talasani Srinivas and the TDP escalated. His success was attributed to his unique personality and the robust cadre he maintains, which has garnered a substantial following.

Talsani Srinivas Yadav organised a ceremony in 2019 to welcome 2,000 Congress workers into the TRS.

Bhawarlal Varma, a senior leader in the constituency, contested for the BJP in 2018 Assembly elections from Sanath Nagar constituency.

He collaborated with Hindu organizations and promoted the Hindutva factor and achieved 12 percent of the vote by urging Hindus to unite in a Muslim-dominated constituency.

Key local issues

  • Raja Rajeshwari nagar is situated on Government land. This land belongs to the labor department and the public were forced to vacate the place
  • Upgradation of government hospital in Ameerpet
  • Fake Muslim voters
  • Pollution from Pharma companies
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