Its BRS vs Congress in Vikarabad, BJP has no presence

TRS MLA Methuku Anand is active on the ground and engaging with people, the Congress and its frontal wing are also active on the ground with various activities after A Revanth Reddy became TPCC president

Its BRS vs Congress in Vikarabad, BJP has no presence

Assembly Constituency- Vikarabad

District: Vikarabad

MLA: Dr Anand Methuku (BRS)

Reservation: SC

Total Voters: 2,17,475

Booths: 284

Urban Voters: 21%

Rural Voters: 79%

Male: 51.1 %

Female: 48.8 %

Caste & Religious Demography:

  • Gen +BC: 69 %
  • SC: 24%
  • ST: 6%
  • Hindu: 82 %
  • Muslim: 15%
  • Others : 3 %


Dr Anand Methuku (BRS)

Anand was born on June 14, 1974 in Kerelli village in Vikarabad district. His parents are Pochaiah and Sayamma. He pursued MBBS from Gandhi Medical College, Hyderabad. Later he took up the medical profession for some time. He is married to Sabita and has two children. He was the president of Doctors Association for some time.

He began his political career with the TRS (now BRS). In 2013-14, he served as in-charge of TRS, Vikarabad constituency. In January 2022, Anand was appointed as president of the TRS Vikarabad district unit. In the 2018 Assembly elections, he contested as an MLA for the first time on behalf of the TRS. He defeated Congress candidate G Prasad Kumar with a majority of 3,526 votes.

Gaddam Prasad Kumar (Congress)

Prasad Kumar was born in 1964 at Marpelli village in Vikarabad district. He pursued his Intermediate in Government junior college, Tandur in 1984. He began his political career with the Congress. In the 2008 by-election in Vikarabad, he contested on behalf of the Congress and defeated TDP candidate B Sanjeeva Rao.

In the 2009 Assembly elections, he contested as an MLA for the second time on behalf of the Congress. He defeated TRS candidate A Chandrasekhar in the elections with a majority of 4,859 votes. In 2012, he served as Minister for Textiles in Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy’s Cabinet. In the 2014 and 2018 Assembly elections, he was defeated by the TRS candidates B Sanjeeva Rao and Anand Methuku respectively.

He was later appointed as the Congress State vice-president. In December 2022, he was appointed as a member of Telangana Pradesh Congress executive committee. In the 2023 Assembly elections, he is contesting as an MLA candidate for the fourth time from Vikarabad. He is going to take on BRS candidate Anand Methuku for a second time.

Peddinti Naveen Kumar (BJP)

Naveen Kumar was born in Buranpalli in Vikarabad district. He hails from an agricultural family. He pursued his graduation in Bachelor of Physical Education in Hyderabad. He was a State level volleyball and judo player. He is serving as secretary of Telangana Lahori Association.

He began his political career with the BJP in 2008. He was appointed as mandal incharge of Vikarabad. He twice served as SC Morcha president, Vikarabad district. He is a novice and is contesting as an MLA for the first time on behalf of the BJP from Vikarabad Assembly constituency.

Assembly constituency information


  • Vikarabad constituency consists of Vikarabad town, Marpalle, Mominpet, Dharur and Bantwaram mandals.
  • The constituency has a more SC and ST population and the constituency is reserved for SCs and Muslims are also significant here.
  • Although the segment is reserved for SCs, the Reddy community is politically dominant.


  • Since 1985, the TDP has been strong in the constituency by consolidating the BC and Madiga votes.
  • For two decades, TDP candidate A Chandrashekar won this seat. The TRS won in this constituency thrice in 2004, 2014 and 2018 with three different candidates. Chandra Shekar, contested from the TRS in 2004 in alliance with the Congress and became an MLA.
  • The Congress had won in this constituency in the 2008 by-election and 2009 Assembly elections. Vikarabad, Marpalle and Dharur Mandals where earlier the TDP was strong, are no consolidated with a considerable support base by the BRS. The Congress is strong in Mominpet and Bantwaram mandals.

2014 Assembly elections Analysis:

  • B Sanjeeva Rao, who lost in the 2008 by-poll, was given an opportunity from the TRS, and he was elected to the Assembly.
  • The Goud, Yadav and Magida community votes were consolidated and in addition to that Telangana wave helped the TRS to win the election.
  • The BJP candidate in alliance with the TDP secured fourth position with 6,300 votes.
  • The Congress sustained its core support among other SCs, Reddies and Muslims.
  • Independent and other smaller parties candidates also secured a minimum of four to five percent vote share in the elections.

2018 Assembly elections Analysis:

  • There was a triangular contest in this election.
  • Sitting MLA B Sanjeeva Rao was denied ticket by the TRS. He contested as an independent candidate.
  • The TRS fielded a new candidate Anand Methuku. He won the election with a margin of 2,000 votes.
  • Two-time MLA G Prasad Kumar, contested from the Congress.

Current Situation:

  • TRS MLA Anand Kumar is active on the ground and engaging with people. However, there is anti-incumbency among the people due to lack of infrastructure, basic amenities, health care facilities and educational institutions.
  • The Congress and its frontal wing are also active on the ground with various activities after A Revanth Reddy became Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) president.
  • The BJP is lacking leadership at the constituency level.

Key Issues

  • Infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Educational institutions

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