Jagityal to see tough fight between BRS’ Sanjay Kumar, Congress’s Jeevan Reddy

Jagityal to see tough fight between BRS’ Sanjay Kumar, Congress’s Jeevan Reddy

Assembly Constituency: Jagityal

Parliament: Nizamabad

District: Jagityal

MLA: Dr M.Sanjay Kumar (Velama )

MP: Arvind Dharmapuri

Reservation: General

Total Voters: 2,17,831

Booths: 254

Urban Voters: 37%

Rural Voters: 63%

Male: 49.52%

Female: 50.48%

Caste & Religious Demography

  • Gen + OBC: 83.70%
  • SC: 13.40%
  • ST: 2.90%
  • Hindu: 88.90%
  • Muslim: 10.40%
  • Others: ---

Dr M Sanjay Kumar (BRS)

Sanjay Kumar began his political career with the TRS. In the 2014 Assembly elections in Telangana, he contested as an MLA from the TRS and lost to the INC candidate Jeevan Reddy by a margin of 7,828 votes. In the 2018 Telangana by-elections, he contested as a candidate from the TRS and won with a majority of 60,774 votes over the INC candidate Jeevan Reddy.

T Jeevan Reddy (INC)

Jeevan Reddy was first elected as Panchayat Samithi President of Mallial in 1981 in non-party-based elections, which is equivalent to today's Legislative Constituency. He was elected as MLA for the first time from the TDP in 1983 and was inducted in the State Cabinet with an Excise Minister portfolio.

Jeevan Reddy later differed with Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao (NTR) and joined the INC under the leadership of late Rajiv Gandhi in 1984. He won the elections from the INC in 1989, 1996, 1999, 2004 and 2014. In 2019, he was elected as a Member of Legislative Council (Graduate) from Karimnagar Assembly constituency with a majority of 39,430 votes. Jeevan Reddy was elected as an MLA for six times consecutively from Jagityal constituency and was defeated by L Ramana of the TDP in 2009 Assembly elections.

Dr Boga Sravani (BJP)

Sravani was born on August 24, 1991 and brought up in Velgatoor of Peddapalli Constituency, in Telangana. She pursued her Graduation (Bachelor of Dental Surgery ) from the Meghana Dental College in Nizamabad and accomplished it in 2018. In 2020, Sravani Praveen enrolled in the BRS and rendered political contributions to the people.

Sravani Praveen was elected as 37th ward councillor for Jagtial in 2020 and later nominated as municipal chairman. In January, Sravani resigned from her post allegedly in protest against Jagityal MLA Sanjay Kumar’s harassment and humiliation of her in the name of BC caste. In March, she joined the BJP and was appointed as the State Executive Committee Member of Telangana BJP unit.

Assembly Constituency Information

Geography: Jagityal, Jagityal Rural, Raikal, Sarangapur and Beerpur are the five mandals under this Assembly constituency.

Background: Jagityal is a General constituency. From 1952 the INC won 10 times, the TDP won four times and the TRS emerged victorious in the 2018 elections. The constituency was politically Reddy community. INC senior leader Jeevan Reddy was elected six times from this Assembly Constituency. In 2018, TRS leader M Sanjay Kumar won this seat. Padmashali, Munnuru Kapu and Gouds are major castes in this constituency.

MLA Profile

Personal Background: Sanjay Kumar was born on July 6 July, 1962 in Jagityal. He studied MBBS and had Specialization in Ophthalmology.

Profession: Pavani hospitals (Opthomoligist-Eye Doctor)

Political Background: Sanjay Kumar's close interaction with Kalavakuntala Kavitha and his family political relationships made him contest in the 2014 Assembly elections as first time MLA and lost to INC senior leader and former Minister Jeevan Reddy.

Financial Strength: Very Strong.

Remarks: Accessible to people but arrogant.

2014 Analysis:

In 2009, anti-incumbency of TDP-BJP alliance candidate L Ramana (Padmashali), M Sanjay Kumar (Velama) from the TRS has no previous political identification, beside the Telangana sentiment majority of all section voters are inclined towards INC's Thatiparthy Jeevan Reddy (Reddy).

T Jeevan Reddy is a senior mass leader, former Minister and five time MLA from this constituency with the image that he was able to secure the votes.

Both L Ramana from the TDP and T Jeevan Reddy from the INC are State level recognised leaders from this constituency and had a strong cadre base. At that time, TRS candidate M Sanjay Kumar lacked strong political experience with cadre base compared with the TDP and the INC. But in the election time a major mandal level TDP cadre joined the TRS and secured second place along with M Sanjay Kumar personal recognition among public as well known Doctor in the constituency.

Being a senior and popular leader, L Ramana did not get a respectable voting result due to anti-incumbency and his candidature from the TDP. Majority voters at the time opposed the TDP on sentiment of Telangana and formation of the new State changed the political scenario that the TRS or INC only would emerge victorious in the elections.

2018 Analysis:

Anti incumbency against INC MLA Jeevan Reddy and after defeat in 2014, the TRS majorly focused on this constituency. Sanjay Kumar was able to build his cadre by providing Double bedroom houses and Rs 50 crore to Jagityal municipality for development, helping the TRS win to secure a victory in the 2018 Assembly elections

Sanjay Kumar was able to secure a Majority of OBC,ST votes.

Jeevan Reddy was able to secure Reddy and traditional votes of INC and TDP.

Current Situation

The BRS incumbent MLA M Sanjay Kumar is facing anti incumbency due to his personal attitude. But, former MP and Nizamabad MLC K Kavitha regularly visited the constituency and maintained her rapport with the cadre. She is encouraging second level cadres in the constituency and personally encouraging Jagityal ZP Chairperson Dava Vasantha (Munnuru Kapu).

INC MLC Jeevan Reddy is maintaining his cadre in rural areas

The BJP doesn't have a strong leader in this constituency and BJP MP Aravind Dharmapuri is facing anti incumbency.

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