Warangal West: BJP trying to capitalise on anti-incumbency of BRS

BJP made inroads in the recent Warangal Municipal Corporation election and is now looking to capitalise on the anti-incumbency factor to win the Assembly seat

Warangal West: BJP trying to capitalise on anti-incumbency of BRS

Assembly Constituency: Warangal West

Parliament: Warangal

District: Warangal

MLA: Dasyam Vinaya Bhaskar (OC )

MP: Pasunoori Dayakar

Reservation: GEN

Total Voters: 2,72,162

Booths: 244

Urban Voters: 100%

Rural Voters: 0%

Male: 50.61%

Female: 49.39%

Caste & Religious Demography

  • Gen + OBC: 87.30%
  • SC: 11.00%
  • ST: 1.70%
  • Hindu: 80.60%
  • Muslim: 17.90%
  • Others : 1.50%

Dasyam Vinaya Bhaskar (BRS)

In 2004, Vinay Bhaskar contested as an independent candidate from Hanamkonda (Assembly constituency) and was defeated by Mandadi Satyanarayana Reddy of the TRS. Later, he joined the TRS on the invitation of KCR and was elected as a corporator which is the first elected representation for him in the BRS. In 2009, Vinay Bhaskar was elected to Warangal West constituency in Warangal district representing the TRS and he won the seat again in 2014.

Vinay Bhaskar is currently serving as an MLA for third term. He earlier won the 2009 and 2010 (By-polls) in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and for the third time in 2014 elections after the formation of Telangana. Again in the 2011 by-election he was elected. In the 2018 polls Vinay Bhaskar won from Warangal West for the second time. In January 2015, Vinay Bhaskar was appointed Parliamentary Secretary in-charge of Chief Minister's Office (CMO) by Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao. On 8 September 2019, Vinay Bhaskar was also appointed the Government Chief Whip for Telangana Legislative assembly.

Naini Rajender Reddy (INC)

Rajender Reddy was loyal and spearheaded the INC for several years. He served the party in various capacities in NSUI, Youth Congress before being appointed as Library Committee chairman by then Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy. Rajender Reddy took over as DCC incharge president in April 2014.

Rajender Reddy pinned his hopes on the Warangal West seat for a long time. In the 2018 elections too, Rajender Reddy aspired for Warangal West ticket, however he had to make way for the TDP as part of the grand alliance. The party however considered his experience and announced his candidature for the West constituency after observing his efforts in highlighting the failure of the BRS Government.

Rao Padma (BJP)

About 55-year-old Rao Padma tried hard for the ticket of Warangal West constituency in the 2014 Assembly elections. However, the party asked her to contest from the Warangal East seat by giving the Warangal West ticket to the former MLA Marthineni Dharma Rao.

Rao Padma’s husband Rao Amarender Reddy actively participated in the Telangana Movement. Then he was associated with the TRS (now BRS). This time too, Rao Padma faced a stiff challenge from State spokesperson A Rakesh Reddy for the Warangal West ticket. However, the BJP finalised her candidature from Warangal West.

Assembly Constituency information

Geography: Warangal West is an urban constituency and part of the Warangal Parliament constituency. Hanumakonda is the first capital of the Kakatiya dynasty and the education hub and heart of Telangana politics.

Background: Traditionally the TDP has a very strong stronghold in this constituency and the political fight is always between the TDP and the INC. With the emergence of the TRS in 2001 they were able to take away the TDP vote bank due to strong Telangana sentiment in this constituency. There is a strong influence of Munnuru Kapu and Padmashali communities on the election outcome. Muslim votes split between the TRS and the INC. To increase its votes in Muslim community the TRS offered the deputy mayor of Warangal Municipal Corporation post to Muslim community.

-In the recently held Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation elections, the BJP won 4 divisions out of 26 and secured second position in 12 divisions.

MLA Profile

Personal Background: Dasyam Vinay Bhaskar was born on November 22, 1964. He completed his graduation in BA (Political Science) from Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University. His brother Pranay Bhaskar served as a Minister in the TDP Government from 1994-1998. After the death of his brother he entered active Politics.

Profession: Business

Political Background: Vinay Bhaskar joined the TDP after his brother died in 1998. In 1999, he contested as an independent candidate because the TDP in alliance allotted this seat to the BJP. Again in 2004, he contested as an independent candidate and lost by 3% vote margin. After the election, he joined the TRS.

From 2005 - 2009: Corporator, Warangal Municipal Corporation.

He contested in 2009, 2014 and 2018 elections on the TRS symbol and won all three elections.

He served as Government Chief Whip in Telangana Assembly (2019).

Allegations of land grabbing on his younger brother Vijay Bhaskar.

Cultural/Historical/Religious Identifiers

  • Thousand Pillar Temple
  • Bhadrakali Temple
  • NIT
  • Kakatiya Buildings
  • Warangal Fort

2014 Analysis

In 2014 AE due to very strong Telangana sentiment, the TRS was able to win this constituency without any hurdles. Dhasyam Vinaya Bhaskar's active participation in the Telangana movement also helped them in the election. His promise to develop underground drainage facilities and a new Kazipet Flyover, double bedroom houses for poor people helped him immensely. The INC candidate Swarna Errabelli did not gave much of a fight and secured only 19% of votes. The TDP+BJP alliance did not achieved its targeted results. BJP candidate Dharmarao Marthineni secured 13.2% of the votes.

TRS candidate Vinaya Bhaskar secured 59.3% of the votes, by consolidating BC vote, Muslim vote split between the INC and the TRS, both the Congress and the BJP candidates were from the Velama community.

2018 Analysis

Despite facing anti-incumbency due to the non-fulfillment of his election promises, Dhasyam Vinaya Bhaskar who was sitting MLA from the TRS won in the elections. Major promises included Double Bedroom houses, underground drainage facilities were not materialized, Roads and drinking water facilities in colonies around Hanamkonda were not improved. However, the TRS was able to win this election by again bringing in Telangana sentiment and projecting Chandra Babu Naidu as de facto leader of the INC+TDP alliance.

The TPD contested this seat thereby giving more ammunition to the ruling TRS to project this election as a fight between Andhra leaders and Telangana self-respect.

Dhasyam Vinaya Bhaskar is accessible to people which helped him in a positive way.

Padmashali, Munnuru Kapu and Muslim votes are strongly consolidated towards TRS in this election.

Dhasyam Vinaya Bhaskar(TRS) secured 56.7%of votes,Revuri Prakesh Reddy(TDP) secured 31.2% of vote, and Dharmarao Marthineni(BJP) secured 4.2% of votes.

Current Situation

Sitting MLA Dhasyam Vinaya Bhaskar(TRS) facing anti-incumbency due to the non-fulfillment of his election promises.

Lack of development works in the constituency creating dissatisfaction among the people.

The BJP in the recent Warangal Municipal Corporation election improved its vote tally and increased its seats from 1 ward to 10 wards.

The BJP need to increase its grassroot party network.Need to constitute ward committees

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