Will Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy add to his family legacy by winning elections in Gadwal in 2023?

Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy's family has a long political history, with members of his family winning 10 times in the Gadwal assembly

Will Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy add to his family legacy by winning elections in Gadwal in 2023?

Assembly constituency: Gadwal

District: Jogulamba Gadwal

MLA: Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy (Reddy)

Reservation: GEN

Total Voters: 2,48,325

Booths: 303

Urban Voters: 21 %

Rural Voters: 79 %

Male: 49.7%

Female: 50.3 %

Caste & Religious Demography:

Gen + BC: 82 %

SC: 16 %

ST: 2 %

Hindu: 91 %

Muslim: 8 %

Others : 1 %


MLA profile

Personal details

Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy (BRS)

Bandla Krishnamohan Reddy (56), the Chevella BRS sitting MLA, is the nephew of former minister D.K Aruna. Born on September 21, 1967, to B. S. Venkataram Reddy and B. Revathamma. He is married to G Jyothi and they have a son.

Political background

Bandla Krishnamohan Reddy, during his school years, actively participated in students politics and fought against illegal mining on a large scale. He joined the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and began his political career in 2009. He lost in 2009 to Congress candidate D K Aruna in Gadwal Assembly.

In 2014 Telangana Assembly elections, he contested on behalf of the TRS candidate, and lost to the Congress candidate D K Aruna. In 2018, he won on behalf of the TRS from Chevella constituency.

Profession: Agriculture, Business

Saritha Thirupathaiah (Congress)

The Congress has fielded former Gadwal ZP chairman Saritha Thirupathaiah in the Gadwal constituency. She recently quit the BRS and joined the Congress ahead of the Telangana State Assembly elections in 2023.

Kuruva Vijay Kumar, the TPCC general secretary, opposed the Congress ticket for Sarita Thirupathaiah, claiming she was a close associate of BRS leader minister Niranjan Reddy.

Boya Shiva Reddy (BJP)

Boys Shiva Reddy, a BC leader in Gadwal constituency, is one of former minister D.K Aruna's supporters. Boya Shiva, who previously served in the Congress, has left the party to join the BJP. D K Aruna is said to have endorsed him for the BJP ticket to contest in the Telangana State Assembly elections in 2023.

Constituency details


Aiza mandal in Gadwal was merged into the Alampur constituency in 2009. The Gadwal Assembly constituency has five mandals: Gadwal, Maldakal, Dharoor, Gattu, and K T Doddi.


The Assembly constituency, established in 1952, has been won 10 times by the DK family. Aruna's father-in-law D K Sathya Reddy, brother-in-law D K Samarasimha Reddy and husband Bharatha Simha Reddy have all won multiple times in the same Assembly constituency.

The majority of BC communities in Gadwal mandal, specifically Valmiki Boyas, support the TRS. The TRS won the Maldakal mandal ZPTC and 10 MPTCs, while the BJP won three MPTCs and the Congress won one MPTC.

Sitting MLA Bandla Krishnamohan Reddy, from Dharur mandal, holds a strong hold in this mandal, with BCs being the main supporters of the TRS.

2014 Assembly constituency analysis

D K Aruna secured victory for the Congress in Gadwal in the 2014 elections. Her family had a long political history, with members of her family winning 10 times in the Gadwal Assembly.

D K Aruna, a veteran politician, served in the Cabinets of YSR, Roshaiah, and Kiran Kumar Reddy. During her ministerial tenure, she was widely recognised and appreciated by the public for her contributions to the development of the Gadwal Assembly constituency.

When compared to the Congress in the region, the TRS experienced a slight disadvantage in the villages. Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy, who contested on behalf of the TDP in 2009, switched to the TRS in 2014.

The public, on the other hand, was sceptical of his new allegiance. D K Aruna was believed to be wealthier than Krishna Mohan Reddy. Aruna had strong family support, with her husband and two daughters actively campaigning and managing the election.

Krishna Mohan Reddy, on the other hand, lacked similar family support. D K Aruna's deep connections in Gadwal, as well as her personal cadre across party lines, were critical to her electoral success.

Former TRS leaders opposed Krishna Mohan Reddy, and his TDP cadre found it difficult to join him, which was exacerbated by his election difficulties.

2018 Assembly constituency analysis

TRS candidate Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy won the Gadwal seat in the 2018 elections. The TRS's success in Gadwal was attributed to the implementation of welfare schemes, significant support from BC voters, impactful public meetings by Chief Minister KCR, and the presence of anti-D K Aruna's family sentiments.

Aruna's family's prolonged rule in Gadwal led to a series of conflicts over time. Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy was considered a suitable candidate to challenge and defeat the Aruna family, as no one had previously dared to do so.

The Boya community shifted from the TDP to the TRS, especially after the inclusion of Gattu Bheemudu (Boya), an ex-MLA, into the TRS in 2018. This decision was supported by Gadwal's majority Boya community, which contributed to the TRS's success.

In 2018, several BC communities, including Mudhiraj, Gouds, and Yadavs, also sided with the TRS. Due to concerns about Aruna's husband, these communities which historically supported the Congress, left them untouhed in 2018. They even revolted against the Aruna family, with the TRS's support.

The addition of Gadwal as a new district had a significant impact on election dynamics and contributed to the TRS's victory in 2018.

Current Situation

Bandla Krishna Mohan Reddy is considered a suitable candidate to challenge and defeat the Aruna family due to their negative sentiments and perceived need for leadership change. He is likely to pose a serious challenge to his opponents, capitalising on performance.

Key local issues

Renovation of the Nettempadu canal to ensure irrigation water availability for all mandals in Gadwal.

Construction of a Railway overbridge in Gadwal town for enhanced connectivity.

Initiation of Nettempadu 98 and 99 package works to ensure sufficient water supply in Gadwal.

Widening of roads in Gadwal and Alampur, including the K T Doddi and Gadwal road via Ryalampad.

Establishment of a 100-bed hospital in Gadwal town for improved healthcare facilities.

Implementation of bus services to connect all villages in Dharur and K.T. Doddi mandals.

Addressing pending road projects under the Roads and Buildings department in five mandals.

Extending Jurala Canal water to all mandals within the Gadwal Assembly Constituency.

Construction of district offices for administrative efficiency.

Development of internal roads in K.T. Doddi and Gadwal towns.

Initiatives to generate employment opportunities and reduce migration.

Addressing drought concerns in Gattu mandal and implementing measures to alleviate water scarcity.

Construction of a new bus stand for improved transportation facilities.

Establishment of a degree college in Dharur and a postgraduate college in Gadwal for higher education access.

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