6 guarantees in 100 days, 24-hr power to farms, Rs 2 lakh farm loan waiver highlighted in Governor’s address to Assembly

The Governor addressing the members of both the Telangana Legislative Assembly and Council on Friday, described the new Government as a judicious combination of the experienced and the youth.

6 guarantees in 100 days, 24-hr power to farms, Rs 2 lakh farm loan waiver highlighted in Governor’s address to Assembly

HYDERABAD: Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan expressing concern over the State finances, ensured that the new Government will bring back fiscal responsibility and fulfill all the six guarantees it promised within 100 days of governance.

The Governor addressing the members of both the Telangana Legislative Assembly and Council on Friday, described the new Government as a judicious combination of the experienced and the youth.

Telangana Liberated

“Telangana is liberated from autocratic rule and dictatorial tendencies. The people’s verdict unequivocally stated that it would not tolerate any repression. This verdict became a cornerstone for civil rights and democratic rule,” she said.

The iron barricades that divided rulers from the people had been dismantled, the glass houses and obstacles had been removed and the true people’s governance had begun, the Governor said.

Praja Vani

The Governor described the Praja Vaani-Praja Darbar programme as the first step in this direction. “This is people’s government, and it is people’s governance. People can express their problems and get their grievances redressed by the government at any time. Now, the situation is such that every member of society can proudly declare that this is their government. Our governance will soon become a role model for the entire country,” she said.

Implementation of six-guarantees

This government would lay out a definite and time-bound action plan to implement other guarantees promised in the poll manifesto such as the Mahalakshmi Scheme, Rythu Bharosa, Gruha Jyothi, Indiramma Houses, Yuva Vikasam, and Cheyutha, within 100 days of its governance.

“Let me inform people through this House that the administration is actively preparing an action plan based on the promises made in the poll manifesto. We are assuring people in the state that we will implement the Warangal declaration made for farmers, the Hyderabad Yuva declaration made for youth, the SC& ST declaration announced in Chevella, and the BC declaration promised in Kamareddy in its letter and spirit very soon,” she said reading out the speech approved by the Cabinet.

As promised, the Government would identify the families of martyrs, allot them 250 sq yards of the house sites, and also pay them an honorarium.

Financial duress

Owing to the bad governance of the previous government, the power utilities were in a deep financial crisis with a staggering debt of Rs 81,516 crore, she noted. “They have incurred losses of Rs 50,275 crore. Similarly, the Civil Supplies Corporation has Rs 56,000 crore as debt and Rs 11,000 crore as losses. Every department has incurred huge debts. Loans raised indiscriminately from every corporation have pushed the state into a financial mess and crisis. The entire financial discipline in the state is destroyed. There is no fiscal discipline or financial prudence,” the Governor said.

“My government is focused on strengthening the derailed financial situation. We will place before the people the financial condition of every department by releasing white papers and showing them the real facts. We will release the whitepapers as part of the transparent government we promised to the people,” she added.

The greatest challenge before the new Government was to improve the financial situation in the state on a war footing. The Government was on the job of identifying lacunae that took place in financial management, where wasteful expenditure is indulged in, and where financial irregularities took place. Without putting a financial burden on the people, the Government wanted to bring in financial prudence and offer governance and welfare to the people.

Institutions destroyed

She pointed out that in the last nine and a half years, all the institutions have been destroyed. The institutions and organisations that should work democratically have been unfortunately degraded to serve individuals. “My government has decided to change this trend and situation. We will restore the core values of the legislature and executive. We will usher in transparency in governance and administration. The secretariat will not be a mere decorative symbol. We will respect the constitutional institutions. This is not a feudal rule. We will instill confidence in people that this is real democracy,” she said.

Free power supply and Crop loan waiver

She said that the Government was committed to providing quality, uninterrupted power supply to the agriculture sector and MSP to all crops. “There will be an action plan to waive the farm loans to the tune of Rs 2 lakh,” the Governor declared. As promised during the elections, we will take up an action plan to give Pattas to the assigned lands and Podu lands,” the Governor mentioned.

Inquiry into Medigadda

The Government would order an inquiry into the irregularities committed and lack of quality and corruption in the construction of the Medigadda and Annaram Barrages of Kaleshwaram Project.

The Government would also protect and get Telangana State’s rightful share of Krishna River Water. The Government would try to get national status for the Palamuru Rangareddy irrigation project, which is a boon to South Telangana. The Governor said that the Government would also complete Dr. BR Ambedkar Pranahita-Chevella project started in the previous Congress regime and provide irrigation water to the upper region of Adilabad and other districts.

Rajiv Arogyasri enhanced

The Government has revamped the Rajiv Arogya Sree scheme, which was implemented during the Congress regime in the past. Under the new Rajiv Arogya Sree scheme, the poor can avail medical facilities up to Rs. 10 Lakh.

Mega DSC in six months

“We will fill up the teachers’ posts by conducting a mega DSC within six months. We are happy to inform you that the government has already begun the exercise to clean up the TSPSC. We will take steps to fill up 2 lakh vacancies within one year,” she said.

Indiramma Houses

The Government would launch an action plan to provide house sites to the homeless and give Rs 5 lakh financial assistance for the construction of houses under the Indiramma Housing Scheme. Under this scheme, SCs and STs will get one lakh additional amount.

Bhumata Portal

Observing that the majority of the complaints received under Praja Vaani were land-related, the Governor said that her Government would replace the Dharani Portal, and in its place, the Bhumata Portal would be introduced, which would be transparent and solve all land-related issues.

Land Commission

“We will constitute a Land Commission to protect government lands. The poor will be given rights to the 25lakh acres of land distributed by the previous Congress government as part of the land reforms programme,” Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan said.

Action plan to control narcotics

A full-time Director was appointed to the Telangana State Anti-Narcotic Bureau (TSNAB to control the drug mafia and eradicate them, she noted.

Hyderabad into three zones

Attributing the financial strength of Hyderabad to the past Congress Governments she said that the entire world-class infrastructure was planned and developed during the Congress governments. “Hyderabad’s topography would have undergone a sea change, had the ITIR project announced by the then UPA government in 2013 come into being. My government is now trying to bring back that past glory,” the Governor said.

Announcing the decentralisation of Hyderabad she said that one Zone would be Hyderabad City, which is inside the Outer Ring Road, the second zone would be the area between the ORR, and the proposed regional ring road, and the third Zone would be outside the regional ring road.

Village as a unit

She said that her Government would take each village as a unit and plan accordingly for their development. “A farmer is key to the development of a village and its progress. My government’s main aim is to strengthen farmers economically, thereby making each village prosperous. Local body representatives will be given their due respect,” she added.

She concluded by saying that her Government believed in more action and fewer words. “You will see this change in the days, months, and years to come,” she said.

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