Bandi Sanjay refuses to appear before SIT, BJP Legal team to meet SIT

Bandi Sanjay informed the SIT looking into the TSPSC paper leak that he would be unable to appear on March 26 due to the ongoing parliament session

BJP state president Bandi Sanjay

HYDERABAD: Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay informed the Special Investigation Team (SIT) looking into the TSPSC paper leak on Sunday that he would be unable to appear on March 26 due to the ongoing parliament session.

Bandi Sanjay was served with fresh notices by SIT officials, who asked him to come before them for questioning on March 26, 2023 (Sunday) and provide evidence for the charges he made regarding the paper leak scam.

While refusing to appear before the SIT, Bandi Sanjay stated that he was served repeated notices by the SIT despite his lack of trust in the SIT, which was formed by the state government.

"I have no qualms with your refusal to understand the legitimate reasons for my inability to appear before you on a date determined by you. The revelation of the TSPSC document leak, particularly the Group I paper, outraged the state's collective conscience. According to a responsible minister in the state government, there were only two people. As the head of the SIT, you are aware of the large number of personnel involved thus far, "he writes.

"This has been our hunch that, right from day one, there has been a concerted effort to underplay the scam and deflect the attention to which the statement of 'just two people' was a subterfuge," he writes in his letter. Aside from politics, I urge you to use your personal conscience to analyse the suffering that the scam has brought to millions of unemployed youth who are mentally disturbed today and have been reeling under challenging agony."

Bandi Sanjay stated that he learned from a few independent sources that a significant number of persons were qualified in the particular village, and that he revealed the information in the public domain so that you, as a SIT, could investigate the situation to determine the reality of the information. He also said that as a public representative, he receives information from a variety of sources, and that in instances like these, it was his responsibility to make it public. Instead of investigating the matter, he alleged, SIT opted to serve him with a notice and expected him to appear for interrogation.

The Telangana BJP legal team to meet SIT on Sunday at 11 a.m. at the SIT Office in Himayatnagar.

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