Bharat Rastra Samithi blows conch at Khammam, allies lend shoulder

Bharat Rastra Samithi blows conch at Khammam, allies lend shoulder


K Chandrashekar Rao

This is one of the largest public gatherings in Khammam's history.

♦ Khammam municipality has grown significantly under the leadership of Telangana Transport Minister Puvvada Ajay Kumar.

Khammam Municipality would receive 50 crores from the CM Fund

♦ The CM Fund would provide Rs 10 lakh to each of the district's 589 Gram Panchayats.

Villages like Pedda Thanda, Kallur, Edulapuram, Thallada, and Nelakondapalli would each receive 10 crores for development.

♦ Government engineering college under JNTU sanctioned.

♦ Land would be sanctioned for all journalists in the Khammam. I request finance minister and local Minister are being requested for house sites within a month.

♦ Telangana Chief Minister KCR sanctioned a government engineering college under JNTU on Wednesday.

♦ I will outline broad policy in this meeting.

♦ But detailed plan would be announced later.

♦ Some would win, some would lose in politics.

♦ But what is the objective of the nation.

♦ Is it squatting ? Has it lost track?

♦ We have natural resources worth lakhs of crores and what is happening to that

♦ We don’t have to go with a begging bowl to world bank or the USA or anybody

♦ 70,000 tmc gets evaporated, we could augment anothe 75,000 tmc feet.

♦ We have great solar incidence to marshal for power generation.

♦ We have three different agro-climatic zones.

♦ We have hardworking 139 crore people who were gems.

♦ Raising great food crops, set up processing units, and provide food for the whole world.

♦ The water availability was not my figure. The Central Water Commission gave these figures.

♦ We are only able to use only 15-20,000 tmc feet.

♦ Except for those built soon after india became independent, nothing moved ahead.

♦ It’s more than 20 years since Krishna water tribunal was formed. Old retired judges who were appointed the chairmen would hold series of meetings and then others would go to green tribunal and other clearances. When would be the tribunal verdict come and when would the projects be built.

♦ We've had floods, droughts and many other issues. BRS was founded to address all of these challenges, and we have fought them all.

♦ Should we keep battling for water? We have all of the essential resources and do not need to beg for anything.

♦ Kaleshwaram is already a reality and Palmur is already happening. With a strong will, we can accomplish anything, and BRS was founded to accomplish just that.

♦ BRS intends to introduce farmer-friendly schemes such as Rythu Bandhu across the country.

♦ This is something I'm telling Prime Minister Modi directly. You will return home in 2024, and we will go to Delhi. You will sell LIC, but we will retain LIC after we come to power. LIC employs a large number of people, and Prime Minister Modi wishes to sell the company.

♦ They are incapable of providing power, drinking water, or defrauding the country.

♦ PM Modi says government has no business to do business but we say govt has every business to do business wherever it is required.

♦ How much longer must Dalits suffer in the country? This is why the Telangana government implemented the Dalit Bandhu scheme. The BRS party wants the Dalit Bandhu plan to be implemented across the country.

♦ Chief Minister K Chandrshekhar Rao said that the BJP's policy is socialisation of losses and privatisation of profits. Our policy is nationalisation and your policy is privatisation.

♦ The ruling BJP party is selling everything. Railways are gone, aviation is gone, and now they want to sell farming as well.

♦ The centre is not even capable of providing drinking water. Citizens are only demanding for drinking water. The BRS party will provide drinking water across the country like the Bhagiratha scheme.

♦ Make in India is now a joke in India.

♦ Make in India has become a Joke in India. He says Agnipath scheme will be abolished if the opposition parties come to power defeating the BJP.

D Raja

CPI leader D Raja hailed KCR for the innovative welfare measures he is implementing in Telangana and wanted the same to be spread across the country. Taking the BJP-RSS combine to task for destroying the secular ethos of the country, he appealed to the people of the country to throw the NDA government out of power in the 2024 elections.

He claimed that the rich legacy of India’s federal and secular spirit was under threat due to Narendra Modi government’s policies. He mocked Narendra Modi for not being on the side of farmers and the common man in the country and instead siding with the likes of Adanis, Ambanis, Tatas and Birlas.

The veteran CPI leader also expressed anguish at the way the institution of governors was being misused by the current dispensation at the Centre.

Hailing KCR for his good governance in Telangana, D Raja said that Telangana was the only state in the country where there were no power cuts. While supporting KCR’s national political mission, he wished the Telangana Chief Minister all the very best in his efforts.

Akhilesh Yadav

♦ Khammam has always written its own history. Youngsters, and Khammam's farmers may have fought with powerful regimes.

♦ I'm optimistic that whatever circumstances we face when the Indian government, primarily the BJP party, is upsetting various states, we will be able to overcome them.

♦ Whether it is the AAP government or the BRS party, the ruling party is incapable of providing that respect.

♦ BJP party is ignoring prominent issues like Unemployment and price hikes and troubling the leaders of opposition parties, trying to defame opposition leaders is a planned strategy by Bhartiya Janata Party.

♦ The BJP is putting pressure on organisations that are known for delivering justice.

♦ The BJP party held a meeting yesterday, and they stated that only 400 days left. We assumed the BJP dictatorship would fall, but they now declare they only have 400 days left. However, when the government is counting down the days and no one can save ruling party because there are only 399 days left.

♦ Price increases and unemployment have long been neglected by the BJP. Many Indians are fleeint the country due to the ruling party's ineptitude. They have no time to address pressing issues like unemployment, price increases, and agricultural concerns. They pledged that farmer income will be doubled by 2023, however they have yet to deliver on their claims.

♦ Our farmers are in trouble, yet they are unable to obtain the essential assistance. Unemployed youth are unlikely to receive the essential assistance.

♦ With so many people gathered, I can confidently state that if the BJP loses in Telangana, the BJP will lose in Uttar Pradesh as well. The people of Uttar Pradesh will defeat the BJP.

♦ Whoever aspires to be Prime Minister comes to Uttar Pradesh, which is why the PM came from Gujarat to UP, but you can't even imagine the injustice done to Uttar Pradesh.

♦ What type of dreams is the government displaying by launching a luxury yacht? They were unable to clean the Ganga until till date.

♦ I'm pleased to report that when I was Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, your CM KCR made a decision about the provision of drinking water to farmers and people. We sincerely thank you for launching the Integrated Irrigation System, which the Indian government is attempting to replicate.

♦ When Telangana state is progressing, the Bharatiya Janata Party is reclaiming India in every way. In contrast to the BJP administration, I hope that all of the politicians gathered today will work together to improve the country. We will collaborate on a progressive agenda.

♦ I congratulate all of you and Telangana CM for the construction of Lord Narsimha Swamy Yadadri temple without any much publicity whereas some people work less and focus more on fake publicity.

♦ We are hoping for a good change in the country and the BJP party would not come to power again. The Bharatiya Janata party is a 'Brahma Jaal' party and be careful from this party. I congratulate all of you gathered here and I sincerely thank Telangana CM KCR for arranging this mammoth meeting at this historic place Khammam.

Bhagwat Mann

I congratulate Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao for organising the Khammam public meeting.

♦ India needs a leader who will give employment opportunities.

♦ Narendra Modi is running Bhartiya Jumla Party , all they do is make false promises.

♦ They only know hot to buy power, not win it.

♦ Time will show the BJP Government and Modi that their corrupt policies would not work for a long time

♦ They sold airports, rivers, railway, LIC everything. They only bought media.

♦ They do not care about anyone but their own pockets.

♦ They turn into hurdles for development by creating problems for their opposition.

♦ We are here to learn, to tell you that the fight against the BJP will be fought with full vigour. The AAP is trying to fight against corruption, fighting for education, fighting for development.

♦ The Congress is selling its leaders, the BJP is breaking parties.

♦ India has all resources, rivers, good weather, good land, mainly 130 crore Indians. What we don't have is good leaders. We have to fight for good governance and that is what we are doing here.

Arvind Kejriwal

♦ I am in awe with the number of people here to attend the public meeting of Chief Minister KCR.

♦ KCR will be organising a free eye checkup camp for 4 crore people, regardless of their ages, genders, caste or religion. All their medical costs would be bourne by the Government, in case after the eye checkup they are advised care.

♦ I have learnt a lot from KCR. I would personally implement these in Delhi.

♦ The Integrated District Official Complex (IDOC) is an example of excellency. I would implement this too in Delhi.

♦ This initiative by KCR is helping us learn. When, like this, States come together and learn from each other India will reach new heights of development.

♦ KCR came to Delhi to see 'moholla clinics' and he adapted the concept to suit Telangana. Now Telangana has 'basti dawakhanas' inspired by Delhi, setting an example how we can help each other.

♦ I wanna ask everyone, why is India still a poor country even though we got Independence a long time ago?

♦ Is it because of the bad politicians ? Yes.

♦ Now, few good leaders have come together who are coming together to talk about developing India. Even today, all of us Chief Ministers discussed how to improve education, medical care, lives of farmers, in India.

♦ Narendra Modi is only creating hurdles for all those who are trying to bring a change in the country. All he thinks about is destroying other parties. How would a country walk towards progress when its Prime Minister is busy playing dirty politics?

♦ People voted for Narendra Modi in 2014 and 2019 with hopes that he would bring development. But people have now realised that he is a corrupt and selfish leader. People will definitely kick him away in 2024. Development will definitely reach India.

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