BJP manifesto for Telangana: UCC by March, minority reservations, Dharani to go

The BJP promises to reduce VAT on petrol and diesel, replace Dharani with Mee Bhoomi. It copies most of the BRS vows.

Amit Shah

HYDERABAD: Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said that the BJP will implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) by March next year if it comes to power in Telangana. Releasing the manifesto here on Saturday, Shah said that it was not a manifesto but guarantees given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Stating that the Prime Minister had done lot of work to empower Telangana, Shah said, "While the Congress Party, from 2004-14, released only Rs 2 lakh crore as devolution and grant-in-aid for united Andhra Pradesh, the BJP Government, under Modi's leadership, released Rs 2.50 lakh crore in 9 years for just Telangana.

"This manifesto is Prime Minister Modi's guarantee. We have always fulfilled the promises we have made, kept our promises and fulfilled our promises after getting full majority. Congress had never supported the separate State and when the hasty division was carried out, it gave Telangana in an unnatural manner," he added

Key promises by BJP in its manifesto for Telangana

- September 17 will be observed as Hyderabad Liberation Day and August 27 as Razakar Horrors Rememberance Day. Museum and memorial in Hyderabad to document struggle of people of Telangana against Nizams and Razakars.

- Chief Minister from a backward class

- Strict steps will be taken against corruption and a retired Supreme Court judge will look into the corruption allegations in the last ten years and send criminals to jail

- VAT will be reduced on petrol and diesel in 7 days of coming to power to reduce inflation

- A turmeric processing center will be developed. Development of Nizamabad as a ‘turmeric city’ to boost regional agriculture and trade.

- Will remove the "unconstitutional religion-based reservations and provide it to OBCs. SCs and STs"

-Fertiliser subsidy of Rs 18,000 per acre and Rs 2,500 of input subsidy to small and marginal farmers

- Create a State Capital Region in the lines of the National capital region to ensure planned and coordinated development of the suburban regions of Hyderabad

- All Rohingyas and illegal immigrants will be deported in a time-bound manner.

- Free Ram Mandir and Kashi Yatra to all senior citizens

- Free laptops will be provided for girl students who are entering undergraduate degree or professional colleges

- Dismantle the current Dharani system and introduce ‘Mee Bhoomi’, another web portal system promising a ‘transparent’ mechanism in land governance.

- 4 free gas cylinders annually to all Ujjwala beneficiaries and free medical treatment up to 10 lakhs to eligible families in Government and private hospitals.

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