BJP-sponsored raids cannot ruffle us: Malla Reddy

Malla Reddy also claimed that heavily subsidised education was provided through their educational institutions

BJP-sponsored raids cannot ruffle us: Malla Reddy

HYDERABAD: Telangana Labour Minister C Malla Reddy attacked the BJP on Thursday in response to the IT raids, asserting that he and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) would remain unruffled by these pressure tactics.

Addressing the media, Malla Reddy claimed that he and his family were being brutally attacked and harassed in the name of the I-T raids since early Tuesday morning. Putting up a brave front, the minister said that he was not scared by the conspiracy which he said was unleashed by the BJP.

The minister expressed the anguish that the raids had bothered them only because they were used to malign his family. Claiming that he had never witnessed such brutality, he expressed dismay at reports that the I-T authorities had booked close to 200 vehicles and mobilised staff and CRPF personnel in such unprecedented numbers to carry out the raids.

"Our beloved Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, whom I hold in high regard, had anticipated BJP's attacks in some way or the other. My courage and strength is KCR. I worked hard to be where I am now in life. From a person who sold milk, I really came up with my sheer hardwork," he said.

Malla Reddy also claimed that heavily subsidised education was provided through their educational institutions. He wondered how donations could be collected if there was no management quota in the first place.

BJP is purposefully going after us to force us to join its ranks: Marri Rajashekar Reddy

Telangana Labour Minister Malla Reddy's son-in-law and TRS leader Marri Rajashekar Reddy claimed that the I-T officials treated his daughter and parents inhumanely. Reacting to the raids on his premises, he stated, "After I returned from Turkey, I spoke to my daughter. The way the authorities treated a girl in the house was inappropriate."

He added, "They raided our house and confiscated Rs 4 crore in cash." We will lodge a police complaint about the misbehaviour of the I-T officials towards my parents and daughter. We diligently pay I-T returns every year."

"IT officers can conduct searches but they must follow proper procedures. They've already searched our houses thrice. IT officials have never treated anyone so inhumanely," Reddy said.

"They are deliberately conducting these indirect IT attacks on us in order to force us to join the BJP party," he claimed.

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