BRS for replicating Telangana Model; not to defeat BJP, Modi: KTR

The BRS has been formed to spread the Telangana model, which is a proven success doing wonders, across the country

BRS for replicating Telangana Model; not to defeat BJP, Modi: KTR

HYDERABAD: Just two days after the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) unanimously agreed to transform itself into Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), Telangana IT and Industries Minister and TRS Working President K T Rama Rao said that the BRS was formed to eliminate the political vacuum in the country, which was prevalent in India, where the NDA-led Central Government was following a non-federal approach and forgetting the true spirit of Team India.

KTR said, "the BRS has been formed to help develop India, to spread the Telangana model, which is a proven success doing wonders, across the country."

Telangana, formed only eight years ago, was the only State to provide uninterrupted electricity to all sectors by turning power-deficit state into power-surplus. It implemented some of the best farmer-friendly schemes like rythu bandhu and rythu beema, which were also adopted by States like West Bengal and Odisha. The state was providing potable drinking water to every household through its flagship program 'Mission Bhagiratha'. Many other achievements were recorded by the state which no other State in the country could measure up to. KTR said that this Telangana model, if implemented across India, could do wonders in terms of overall development of the country.

He said that the idea behind the BRS was to develop the country.

KTR asserted that the BRS was not launched to defeat the BJP or Mr Narendra Modi or any other political party. It didn't have a negative agenda.

"The primary goal of the BRS is 2024 Parliament elections. Competing with any political party is not its agenda. We want to show people what Telangana has achieved in just eight years and how much potential India has to tap. The BJP government has failed India and Indians. It needs to be changed. The main opposition party, the Congress, is a dead political party. It has no future. The Prime Minister is confident only because of that. That needs to be changed and the BRS is stepping in as a strong opposition party. We have submitted a representation to the Election Commission seeking the change of name and allocation of Ambassador car as its electoral symbol to contest all over india. We strongly believe that they will accept it," KTR said.

"Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao, 21 years ago, formed the TRS with a vision to form Telangana and uplift his motherland. The struggle continued for 21 years, people said very harsh and humiliating things about the TRS, they asked if it was viable at all. But KCR strived for it and he made it happen. Telangana is the youngest, but the best State in the country, not according to me, but the Central Government reports say it. A good leader is one with commitment, content and vision and KCR has showed it with the success of Telangana," the Minister said when asked if the BRS, with not much time left, would be successful in the 2024 elections.

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