BRS never used Dalits as vote bank, says KCR to Sathupally voters

Asking people to support him, KCR said, "Do people need water, electricity, Dalit Bandhu, Rythu Bandhu or do they want leaders who won't do anything for people?"

BRS never used Dalits as vote bank, says KCR to Sathupally voters

KHAMMAM: BRS president and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) took potshots at the opposition who used Dalits as vote bank.

Speaking at the Praja Ashirwada Meeting in Sathupally on Wednesday, KCR said, "I never wanted to do cheap politics, because we are the ones behind the formation of Telangana. We always work for people."

He asked the public, "Did I come up with the Dalit Bandhu scheme at the time of elections? I never introduced Dalit Bandhu in constituencies where only BRS leaders are there but I implemented it in four districts to understand how it works. If Corona hadn't hit the country, then Dalit Bandhu would have been introduced a couple of years before its actual launch.

"It's not correct to hate any religion or caste and elections should never be conducted based on caste or religion," said KCR.

Asking people to support him, KCR said, "Do people need water, electricity, Dalit Bandhu, Rythu Bandhu or do they want leaders who won't do anything for people? You won't get leaders like KCR and people shouldn't lose such leaders. No one thought of schemes for the upliftment of Dalits."

Praising the Telangana Government's efforts towards irrigation projects, KCR said, "There are many schemes that are being implemented in the State which were never mentioned in the manifesto. Will KCR come up with schemes for elections? Did I come up with Mission Bhagiratha for the sake of elections? Did anyone dream of constructing the Sita Rama Project?"

He emphasised that Dalits were being used as vote bank and recalled how they were treated in the last few decades during the rule of the Congress Government. He urged the public to think about the dirty politics that were going on in the State and came down heavily on opposition leaders.

Saying that there would be many sops offered by opposition, KCR questioned the public, "Do people need wall clocks worth Rs 70 or Rs 80? Or do we need self-respect? We won't sell self-respect for those wall clocks?"

KCR appreciated Sandra Venkata Veeraiah for his dedication towards work and said that he has values instilled by CPM.

KCR also asked people to compare the development that was going on in neighbouring State of Andhra Pradesh.

"If there is a single road, then it is Andhra Pradesh and if it is double, then it indicates Telangana. Farmers in Andhra are coming to Telangana to sell their food grains as they are getting payments immediately," KCR said.

He explained how former Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy spoke that Telangana would be plunged into darkness if the State was bifurcated. "People who have cursed us are in darkness today," KCR said.

The Chief Minister also lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his privatisation push. "LIC, Railways and airlines are going into the hands of private sector under Modi's leadership. He warned me to place electricity in the hands of private sector but I strictly opposed it. I constructed Bhadradri Power Plant and Yadadri Power Plant and I am ready to face Rs 25,000 crore loss for the sake of farmers but never put meters for farmers' land. I wanted to bring policies that help farmers," asserted KCR.

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, the BRS president said, "Does Rahul Gandhi know how to hold a plough? Had he ever cultivated land? He doesn't know the plight of farmers and he is asking to remove Dalit Bandhu. He is just saying what someone has written and given to him. If you vote for Congress, then the broker system will once again come into force.

"What Congress has done in the past 75 years is visible today. The development (none) that took place in the last 75 years is one side whereas the development that took place in the last 10 years is on the other side," added KCR.

"I am backing the Sita Rama Project with all my might. 70-80 per cent of works are completed and if everything goes well, then I will switch on the project in just a few days," said KCR.

KCR expressed confidence that Sandra Venkata Veeraiah would win with at least 80,000 majority votes in the upcoming polls.

'Am a farmer, know their problems'

Speaking at the Yellandu Praja Ashirwada meeting, KCR said, "BRS party was formed only for the welfare of the people and Telangana.

"Yellandu has witnessed many movements and people of this constituency are capable of thinking who will be efficient to rule the State. People should be cautious while choosing their leader and exercising their vote as it is the only weapon that will decide the fate of the people.

"I'm a farmer. I know how to cultivate a land and even today, I do it. I know the problems of farmers," said KCR.

Saying that MLA Haripriya was like his daughter, KCR said, "MLA Haripriya asked me to implement various developmental schemes in Yellandu. She is like my daughter and I will fulfill all her wishes for the development of Yellandu."

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