Delhi Liquor Scam case: Relief for Kavitha as Supreme Court adjourns case to November 20

The Supreme Court has also issued an order preventing the issuance of any summons by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to Kavitha until further investigations have been conducted.

Relief for Kavitha as Supreme Court adjourns case to November 20

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has asked the Enforcement Directorate (ED) to not issue any summons to Kavitha in the Delhi Liquor Scam case until further hearing on her case have been conducted. The Apex Court has adjourned the hearing on the case to November 20,2023.

Earlier this month, the Enforcement Directorate had served notices to Kavitha to appear in connection with the Delhi Liquor Scam case. The Supreme Court, while acknowledging the need for investigations, also emphasised that an individual should not be exempt from investigation solely because of their gender. However, it expressed the opinion that some protection should be extended to Kavitha.

Kavitha had approached the Supreme Court earlier and filed a petition challenging the Criminal Procedure Code (CRPC) that mandates the interrogation of women within the Enforcement Directorate's office. Drawing attention to the Nalini Chidambaram case, Kavitha requested that she be granted similar flexibility, allowing her to be interrogated at home. The Supreme Court thoroughly examined the matter and ruled that no summons should be issued until the case is heard by the court.

This decision means that Kavitha will not be required to attend the ED investigation in the Delhi Liquor Scam case for another two months.

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