DGP Anjani Kumar stresses use of forensic technology to expedite probe of cases

Telangana DGP Anjani Kumar has said that forensic science should be used effectively to expedite criminal investigations quickly

DGP Anjani Kumar stresses use of forensic technology to expedite probe of cases

HYDERABAD: Telangana DGP Anjani Kumar has said that forensic science should be used effectively to expedite criminal investigations quickly. A training program was conducted on Tuesday from DGP's office through video conference for all SHOs.

Speaking on this occasion, DGP Anjani Kumar said that this forensic science played a vital role in cyber crime investigation which was the latest challenge in criminal investigations. Besides this, it was suggested to use it effectively in the investigation of POSCO cases.

He reminded that the Government was allocating large amount of funds for strengthening of the government departments, especially the police department, and modern equipment. As part of this, a command control tower had been set up in Banjara Hills. The DGP said that development was possible only if the peace and security situation was under control in a democracy and the example of the development of Telangana state was a proof of this. He said that the police officers should value self-respect of the citizens and for this they should speak politely to everyone who came to their police stations.

He said that no matter how much technology and modern facilities were available, if a person did not value his self-esteem, all was of no use.

Family members of nearly 80,000 police officers in the police department also made it clear that they wanted similar dignity from the police in other cities and states where they went for employment. He urged the officers to be extremely cautious about custodial violence and deaths. Human rights and dignity were more important.

He also briefed them regarding the DK Basu, Supreme Court judgement on a person who had been arrested or detained and was being held in custody in a police station or interrogation centre or other lockup.

The DGP said that a large number of women police officers would be appointed in the state police department in the next three to four months, besides giving proper respect to those who were modern and technology savvy, proper training should be given to them by the head of the household.

Director of Telangana Forensic Science Laboratory and Additional DG Shikha Goel said that the Telangana lab was the first in the country as a forensic lab that gave reports within weeks in the investigation of POSCO cases. It was informed that the most advanced equipment had been provided for the detection of narcotics and drugs, which could detect synthetic drugs in just 30 minutes. The FSL was playing a vital role in identifying fake videos as well. Forensic science should be used to speed up the investigation of crime.

She said that the Telangana Forensic Science Laboratory had more advanced equipment than any other state in the country. The Forensic Science Laboratory scientists and officials appreciated that there were 7,186 research cases in January 2022 and 2,093 cases by April 2023, for expediting the investigation of cases.

From January – 2022 when the pendency was 7,186 various labs of Telangana had brought down the pendency to 2,043. The DGP lauded the hard work done by each and every member of the Forensic Science Laboratory.

A State level video conference workshop for orientation of Investigative Officers in ensuring that they ask the right set of questions with each kind of sample shared and tests was held on Tuesday.

An orientation would help in the overall investigation and also enhance the capability of IOs in Technical Evidence gathering method.

The following important subject were discussed by the experts of the Forensic Science Laboratory of Telangana State.

1. Cyber

a. Overview of Data Retrieval from Computers (All Digital Devices, including mobile devices)

b. Overview of FAV (Forensic Audio Video)

i. DVR: Retrieval of Evidence & Camera Footage enhancements

ii. Voice Analysis

iii. Analysis


a. Types of Evidence

b. Evidence Collection Best Practices

c. Issues and Challenges and remedial measures to be taken by IOs.

This workshop was attended by all the SDPOs/ACsP, SHOs and Sub Inspectors of Police of Law & Orders Police Stations of the Telangana State.

Professional team of FSL Smt Anitha Evanglyn Addl. Director, FSL, Dr. Haseena Parveen, Asst Director, Biology & Serology, Sri Gyaneshwar, AD, FAV & Smt. Anjana, SO, Computers also participated.

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