Dharani portal baiters should be thrown into Bay of Bengal; KCR slams Congress

Opposition leaders who spoke ill about the Dharani portal and threatened to remove it should be thrown into the Bay of Bengal, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has said

KCR announces of Rs 50 cr for development of Banswada

NIRMAL: Opposition leaders who spoke ill about the Dharani portal and threatened to remove it should be thrown into the Bay of Bengal, Telangana Chief Minister and the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) supremo K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) has said.

The Chief Minister addressed a public meeting in the headquarter town of Nirmal after inaugurating the Nirmal District Integrated Collectorate Complex. In a veiled but a scathing attack on the leaders of the opposition parties, especially TPCC chief Revanth Reddy, KCR asked the people not to be misled by their rhetoric of deception.

“A few leaders have recently vowed to throw the Dharani portal into the Bay of Bengal. As elections are fast-approaching, these leaders are spreading canards and falsehood with the sole intention of derailing Telangana’s development and progress. In their lust for power, they are unabashedly talking ill against the BRS government’s welfare initiatives. They want to bring back the regime of corruption again,” he commented.

“Now, in the nine years of Telangana’s own existence, Rythu Bandhu amounts are being transferred to the accounts of the farmer beneficiaries with minimum fuss. Reimbursement towards paddy procurement is being reached to the farmers without any hassles. Registration of lands and pattas is no more an ordeal. Will this all be possible if Dharani portal is taken off?,” he asked the gathering.

In an indirect dig at the Congress, KCR said that the age-old party, despite ruling the country for 50 years, its rulers failed to provide drinking water to quench the thirst of Telangana. “Thanks to Mission Bhagiradha, we are now able to provide drinking water from river Godavari through taps to every household in the state. Not just this, Telangana has been at the top of ranks on multiple fronts and key indices including per capita income and per capita power utilisation,” he said.

He appealed to the people not to get swayed by the opposition parites’ glib talk and deception. He sought their support for the BRS to continue to hold the reins of the state to keep the wheel of development moving forward.

New medical college for combined Adilabad, funds for Nirmal panchayats

At the outset of his speech, KCR announced a slew of sops for Nirmal district while granting a new medical college for the combined Adilabad district. He asked the leaders and officials to identify the suitable geographical location for the setting up of the medical college.

He also announced Rs 10 lakh each to the 396 gram panchayats of Nirmal district, Rs 25 crore each to the municipalities of Nirmal, Muthole and Khanapur while disclosing a fund allocation of Rs 20 lakhs to every mandal.

KCR also took out the students, teachers, administrators and people’s representatives of the district for special compliments on Nirmal district’s dominance in all streams of this year’s SSC examinations, results of which were announced recently.

Among other significant promises, the Telangana Chief Minister also pledged to lay the foundation stone very soon for the construction of a fabulous new temple for Goddess Saraswati in Basar.

KCR credits Telangana workforce for state’s progress post-bifurcation

Earlier, addressing the district collectorate employees after inaugurating the collectorate complex, the Chief Minister heaped praise on the employees of Telangana for their contribution in the state’s post-bifurcation development.

Stating that Telangana had been excelling at the top on multiple fronts in the country, he described it as a collective effort with significant contributions from the employees. He exhorted them to keep up their zest and work with renewed enthusiasm and make the state a role model for the country on all fronts.

Chief Secretary Santhi Kumar, in her speech, expressed her amazement at the distinct transformation of Nirmal district in the nine years after Telangana’s creation. Recalling the appalling conditions during her days as the collector of the combined Adilabad district in the late 1990s’ under the undivided Andhra Pradesh, she thanked the Chief Minister for decentralising the administration with the creation of newer districts.

Nirmal Integrated Collectorate Complex inaugurated

The Chief Minister, accompanied by Ministers Vemula Prashanth Reddy and Indrakaran Reddy, MPs, MLAs and MLCs besides Chief Secretary Santhi Kumari, Nirmal District Collector Varun Reddy and other officials, took part in the opening of the Nirmal Integrated Collectorate Complex. He unveiled a plaque marking the inauguration of the facility, the new seat of administrative power of the district.

He also participated in a special puja on this occasion and took the blessings of priests and Vedic scholars. The Chief Minister invited District Collector Varun Reddy to formally assume his seat and extended his greetings to him. It was followed by an all-faith prayer.

The new collectorate complex consists of three blocks built over three floors.

Opens Nirmal district BRS office

KCR earlier inaugurated the Nirmal district BRS office in the district headquarter town. He paid obeisance to the statue of Telangana Thalli after garlanding it on the premises of the new party office. The BRS chief also hoisted the party’s pink flag on this occasion before going around the new office.

A sudden change in weather earlier in the evening delayed KCR’s programmes in town. The Chief Minister had to stay put at Minister Indrakaran Reddy’s house for sometime due to heavy breeze accompanied by light showers which resulted in a dust storm in the vicinity of the Nirmal Integrated Collectorate Complex.

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