Global investors, Rajini acknowledge Hyderabad's development, Gajinis in opposition don't: KTR

KTR urged participants to compare the BRS Government's performance with that of the Congress and emphasised on institutional building.

Global investors, Rajini acknowledge Hyderabads development, Gajinis in opposition dont: KTR

HYDERABAD: BRS working president KT Rama Rao has slammed the opposition parties for mindless criticism of Hyderabad and Telangana, despite massive development in the last few years.

"The world has acknowledged Hyderabad's progress, with figures like Foxconn chairman Young Liu and Superstar Rajinikant praising the city's development but Ghajinis in our opposition fail to recognise this fact," said KTR while addressing the Business Network International’s ‘Spirit of Telangana 3.0’ event here on Friday.

KTR emphasised that the first comment from any investor coming to Hyderabad was about the excellent road infrastructure and sanitation. He recalled Foxconn chairman Young Liu's amazement at feeling like he wasn't in India during his visit to the city.

“Superstar Rajinikanth too had hailed Hyderabad’s transformation but unfortunately the opposition Ghajini’s have not realised the city’s growth,” KTR said.

He then unveiled the BRS's vision for Telangana's development, focusing on social infrastructure, sporting infrastructure, education, skilling, healthcare, and entrepreneurship. KTR stressed the importance of practical exposure for students and proposed a school or apprenticeship model where students could work in industries while pursuing their studies.

“By the time they graduate, they would get course credits and practical exposure, besides being ready to hit the ground”, he said.

Acknowledging the tourism potential in India, he appealed to young entrepreneurs to explore avenues like religious tourism, medical tourism, and wilderness tourism.

“Once BRS is voted to power, I will request our leader to the tourism portfolio. This is one sector, which has lot of potential. In this sector, the Government’s investment can be minimal and many projects can be executed under the public-private partnership mode," he assured.

KTR then urged participants to compare the BRS Government's performance with that of the Congress and emphasised on institutional building.

Briefing about the five revolutions in the State, KTR mentioned the establishment of special food processing zones due to a substantial rise in agriculture production.

Regarding his political aspirations, KTR emphasised the importance of institutions over individuals and stated that his dream was to achieve Telangana, with no aspirations to be Chief Minister or Prime Minister.

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