Harish Rao demands payment of salaries to ‘samgra siksha’ staff

Former Finance Minister and BRS MLA T Harish Rao said the Congress promised to pay salaries on first of every month, but broken it.

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HYDERABAD: Former Finance Minister and BRS MLA T Harish Rao has said that the Congress party, which promised to pay salaries on the first day of every month, has broken its promise in practice.

Taking to social media platform ‘X’, Harish Rao said on Wednesday that 10,632 employees of ‘Samagra Siksha Abhyan’ for the month of December last year, and 12,660 employees of the same practice for the month of January and February had not received their salaries. He said salaries of midday meal workers in government school were pending for the last three months.

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Harish Rao said that bills for cooking charges of midday meal scheme and bills for eggs supplied to schools were pending. “We request the government to pay immediately.”

It’s just a couple of days ago, Harish Rao reiterated his appeal to the government to clear the salaries due to be paid to Anganwadi and Aasha workers. The government had actually delayed the payments to purohits under “Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam” scheme for a long time and finally cleared when they had proposed to launch a ‘Chalo Secretariat” programme.

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