INDIA coalition is winning Lok Sabha elections, asserts Revanth

Addressing the media in Kodangal after voting, Revanth Reddy stated that the Lok Sabha polls are a referendum on the Congress Government's 100-day rule in Telangana.

INDIA coalition is winning Lok Sabha elections, asserts Revanth

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy expressed confidence that the Congress-led INDIA Coalition would come to power at the Centre.

Addressing media persons after casting his vote in Kodangal on Monday, Revanth Reddy stated that the Congress party secured 33.5 per cent of the votes in the Assembly elections, and the ongoing Lok Sabha polls would serve as a referendum on its 100-day rule in Telangana. He noted that the BJP, too, is proclaiming that the Lok Sabha election will be a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's ten-year tenure. "It remains to be seen for whom the people cast their votes," he expressed while affirming his belief in the victory of the INDIA Coalition.

Revanth Reddy ridiculed the BJP's assertion of winning 400 seats, questioning how a party contesting only 336 seats could achieve such a feat. He remarked that the BJP and NDA would fall short of the magic figure of 272 required to form the next government at the Centre. Additionally, he called upon the BJP to clarify its next Prime Ministerial candidate, citing the party's retirement age of 75. With Modi set to turn 75 on September 17, 2025, Revanth Reddy emphasized the need for clarity on his successor.

Revanth Reddy criticized the BJP for politicizing Muslim reservation in Telangana. "Modi, who served as Chief Minister of Gujarat for 13 years and as Prime Minister for ten years, has not fully grasped our Constitution. There is no provision for religious reservation in the country, and ongoing reservations are only applicable to socially backward classes," he remarked. He questioned why the NDA alliance did not pledge to revoke Muslim reservations in Andhra Pradesh while the BJP promised to abolish them in Telangana. Accusing BJP leaders of misleading the public on the Muslim reservation issue and targeting minorities, he denounced their actions.

Accusing Modi of deceiving the nation, Revanth Reddy stated that the Congress is ready for a discussion on who truly champions the cause of the lower classes. He noted a prevailing anti-Modi sentiment in the country and criticized Modi for purportedly disregarding the Constitution despite espousing it. Accusing the BJP government of misusing central agencies, he pointed out discrepancies in their treatment of allegations involving Congress and BJP members.

In response to Modi's allegations that Adani and Ambani were funding the Congress party, Revanth Reddy challenged Modi to dispatch officials from investigative agencies to search Adani and Ambani's offices and residences. He questioned why no action had been taken against them if Modi's accusations were valid. Additionally, he accused the BJP of absolving corrupt leaders who join their ranks, likening the party to a washing machine.

Reiterating the Congress Government's commitment to implementing Rythu Bharosa in Telangana, Revanth Reddy assured that crop loans up to Rs 2 lakh would be waived off by August 15. He accused the BJP of plotting to disrupt law and order in Telangana and shift investments to Gujarat, warning against a potential upheaval reminiscent of Uttar Pradesh.

Speaking about BRS chief Chandrashekhar Rao, Revanth Reddy expressed sympathy, attributing KCR's announcements to emotional pressure and frustration. He likened KCR's rhetoric to that of KA Paul, alleging a similarity in their discourse.

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