KCR asks MPs to expose Centre’s crony capitalism, BJP Governors’ undemocratic practices

KCR said that the mistakes committed by the NDA government should be brought to the attention of the country

KCR asks MPs to expose Centre’s crony capitalism, BJP Governors’ undemocratic practices

HYDERABAD: The BRS Parliamentary Party, at a meeting held at Pragathi Bhavan on Sunday, expressed serious concern that the situation in the country was deteriorating day by day due to the policies being adopted by the Union Government. BRS President and Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) asked the party MPs to expose the Centre for pursuing anti-people’s policies during the upcoming Parliament Budget session.

KCR said that the mistakes committed by the NDA government should be brought to the attention of the country by acting strategically and raising the voice on people's issues as well as the country during the Parliament session. He made it clear that the undemocratic politics of the Centre should be brought to light In all possible parliamentary democratic ways. In this regard, KCR told his MPs that the BRS should join forces with other parties that come together with them and expose the Centre in both Houses of Parliament.

The BRS Parliamentary Party meeting, which went on for over four hours, expressed concern that the negligent and perilous policies followed by the Centre were causing immense damage to the future of the country.

BRS MPs of both Houses K. Keshavrao (Rajya Sabha), Nama Nageshwar Rao (Lok Sabha), MPs Joginapalli Santosh Kumar, K.R. Suresh Reddy, Badugula Lingaya Yadav, Vadiraju Ravichandra, Bandi Parthasarathy, Deevakonda Damodar Rao, Kotha Prabhakar Reddy, BB Patil, Manne Srinivas Reddy, Maloth Kavita Naik, Pasunuri Dayakar, Borlakunta Venkatesh and Potuganti Ramulu participated in the meeting.

On this occasion, BRS chief KCR said, "The policies pursued by the BJP-led Union government have become obstacles to the development of the country's integrity. This is unfortunate. Centre is arbitrarily giving the hard-earned money of the people to their corporate friends. The Union Government is showing special affection towards its friendly corporate forces and waived off loans worth lakhs of crores of rupees. In public sector companies like LIC, shares are being transferred to big businessmen like Adani aimlessly. The country is watching the hollowness of the companies which are losing lakhs of crores of rupees on a daily basis as the value of their shares plunged suddenly. It is clear that their profits are not all wealth.

“The Centre is causing irreparable loss by privatising all the country's assets to contribute to such financial irregularities. Both the houses of Parliament should raise their voices against the dangerous economic policies followed by the Central government which is helping the private sector to gain profits and people bear the brunt of losses. BRS MPs should strongly condemn the attitude of the BJP-led Central government which is harming the interests of the people of the country,” the Chief Minister said.

The BRS supremo further said, “In the same context, the BJP-led NDA government is undermining the federal spirit and causing trouble to the states in many ways. It should also be raised in Parliament. The Centre should be forced to tell the nation what is the reason behind creating financial and other obstacles to Telangana which is running in the path of progress. The Central government is also misusing the Governor’s system. It is undemocratic. The Centre is using the Governors as their henchmen to weaken the states. The BRS MPs should strongly oppose in both Houses the evil policies of using the system of governors, who are supposed to be negotiators between the Centre and states while performing their constitutional duties, for their own political interests.

“The governors are deliberately delaying the decisions taken by the State Cabinet, the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council as well. BRS MPs should expose the Centre's attitude and undemocratic policies of the Governors, who are trying to obstruct state’s governance and development, in Parliament,” he added.

KCR also said, “For the future of the country, BRS MPs should join hands with other MPs from every party to fight against the BJP government at the Centre in Parliament on public issues. The prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas and other essential goods are increasing abnormally.The Centre is not serious on the common man's life which is burdened everyday due to rising prices.” The BRS supremo directed the MPs to highlight the sufferings and hardships of the common people of the country in both Houses of the Parliament.

“Unemployment is increasing everyday in the country. The Centre is not paying any attention to the youth of the country without providing them with job security by privatizing the government institutions,” he said.

KCR made it clear to the MPs that they should raise their voice on this issue. He lamented that the Central government was not serious on the promises made to Telangana under the AP Reorganization Act and asked the MPs to raise the injustice in this regard. The Chief Minister said that the MPs should also raise their voices in the Parliament for the rights that Telangana deserved.

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