KCR credits Telangana State's formation for sticking to Mahatma Gandhi's principles

KCR has credited the formation of Telangana State for sticking to Mahatma Gandhi's path of non-violence which became a potent force for change


HYDERABAD: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) has credited the formation of Telangana State for sticking to Mahatma Gandhi's path of non-violence which became a potent force for change.

KCR was speaking at the grand finale of Swatantra Bharat Vajrotsavam which took place with pomp and circumstance at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) on Friday. The event saw a distinguished audience, including State Ministers, Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Councils and Assemblies, as well as representatives from various corporations, local bodies, and the presidents of DCCBs, DCMS, Rythu Bandhu Samithis, All India Service officers, and other eminent personalities.

In his address at this historic gathering, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) expressed heartfelt greetings to all attendees, stating, "This is a very special occasion, where we commemorate the history of the freedom struggle and the sacrifices made by noble souls who laid down their lives for India's freedom. It is the responsibility of every Indian to carry forward this legacy and instill the ideals of India's freedom struggle in the hearts of today's generation."

A notable highlight of these celebrations was the screening of the Mahatma Gandhi movie to 30 lakh students. KCR commended the Information Public Relations Department and the Education Department for efficiently executing this initiative, acknowledging their dedication.

Speaking about Mahatma Gandhi, KCR remarked, "Gandhi remains one of the most influential leaders in world history. He introduced the powerful tools of satyagraha and non-violence to a world torn by conflict. His simple acts, like spinning yarn, sweeping, making salt, and fasting, shook the British government to its core. It's a tragic irony that Gandhi, who tirelessly championed communal harmony with 'Ishwar Allah Tere Naam Sab Ko Sanmati De Bhagavan,' ultimately fell to fanatic forces. His impact, however, reverberates globally, from Martin Luther King to Nelson Mandela."

KCR highlighted that Gandhi's principles of non-violence ultimately led to the victory of the freedom struggle. Dr BR Ambedkar, he said, drafted India's Constitution in line with the aspirations of the freedom struggle, emphasising modern values of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

Reflecting on the Telangana movement, KCR said, "The dream of Telangana State came true because of our commitment to Gandhi's path and the framework of the constitution. We proved that non-violence is a potent force for change."

He acknowledged that some initially doubted the path he chose during the Telangana movement. "There were even those who attempted to mislead the public, claiming they didn't want Telangana. However, their efforts ultimately failed before our sincerity," KCR stated.

The Chief Minister proudly detailed Telangana's achievements in addressing agrarian issues, citing the Rythu Bandhu scheme as a beacon of hope for farmers. He noted the State's progress towards village self-sufficiency and rural development, emphasizing the importance of providing fresh water to all citizens, a milestone Telangana has achieved.

"Gandhi's influence guided us to prioritize welfare, develop farmer-centric plans, and focus on rural development. Our holistic, inclusive, and comprehensive development model, which encompasses everyone from tribals and Dalits to minorities and the upper-caste poor, has made the Telangana model a national benchmark," KCR asserted.

In conclusion, KCR reaffirmed his commitment to justice, welfare, and all-around development for the people of Telangana, echoing the ideals of the freedom fighters. "Our path is one of righteousness, and our dedication ensures the safety and success of our people. Let us fulfill the dreams of our freedom fighters and keep Telangana at the forefront of nation-building," he concluded.

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