KCR fulfils promises left undelivered by Congress manifesto after formation of Telangana

It does not take a magic, nor does it take an eternity for a government to develop a State

KCR fulfils promises left undelivered by Congress manifesto after formation of Telangana

HYDERABAD: The Congress government, which was elected to power in the undivided Andhra Pradesh in 2004, listed numerous promises in its 2009 election manifesto too, most of which were left unfulfilled, leaving the people of the state in a disarray. Be it lack of planning, paucity of funds, or commitment to deliver, basic welfare schemes of 24-hour power and regular drinking water too were not implemented in the State.

However, within just a couple of years after Telangana’s formation, the KCR-led TRS government (now BRS), put in place welfare schemes and people-first policies.

It does not take a magic, nor does it take an eternity for a government to develop a State. All it takes is planning, people-friendly policies and an unflinching determination to bring welfare to the people alongside development, and this has been proved by the Telangana Government.

Here is a list of such policies which were, although promised by the Congress government in 2009, gifted to the people of Telangana after the KCR-led government came into power.

24/7 Electricity

During the Congress reign in the State, people witnessed frequent and phased power cuts throughout the year. Though they reassured the people multiple times over the years, no steps were taken to solve the menacing issue. However, after State formation, Telangana became one of the only States supplying 24/7 electricity to not just the agricultural sector, but to all sectors.

Increasing medical education infrastructure of the state

The Congress developed 3 medical colleges in two consecutive terms, which turned out to be a backlash for the face of Andhra Pradesh medical education. In just nine years of formation, the Telangana government has added 21 colleges and works are ongoing to set up one medical college in each of the 33 districts.

Strengthening health care administration in a phased manner

The Congress, in its manifesto, had promised to develop primary healthcare centres across the State. However, the only healthcare programme implemented was a single scheme of ‘Aarogyasri’. Basti Dawakhanas were introduced by the TRS government for the same purpose of transforming healthcare in all rural and urban centres. As many as 342 such Dawakhanas have already been developed, each providing free healthcare to 5000-10,000 people.

Kalyanamasthu (Implemented as Kalyana Lakshmi/Shadi Mubarak in Telangana)

Kalyana Lakshmi/Shadi Mubarak marriage assistance scheme was launched by the Telangana government in October 2014, soon after the formation of state to benefit the poorer section of the State. Up to January 2023, a total of 2.4 lakh SC, 1.5 lakh ST, 5.9 lakh BC, 2.4 lakh Minority families were benefited from the scheme and an amount of Rs.10,558.79 crore has been disbursed. Though announced in the 2009 manifesto by Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy, the scheme was launched in Andhra Pradesh much later in 2022 by YS Jaganmohan Reddy.

Daily water supply in GHMC

In 2012, even after 8 years of Congress regime, Hyderabad was battling the crisis of regular water supply. With Telangana government’s flagship ‘Mission Bhagiratha’ project, potable water is now being supplied everyday in the GHMC as well as across Telangana.

Toilet to every household

In 2011, three years after Congress came to power, a survey by WASHCost India showed that only one in every four rural households had access to a toilet. However, within just six years of formation, Telangana became the State with the highest number of Open-Defecation Free (ODF) villages and 100% ODF plus. Toilets have been made accessible to all rural and urban households.

Dhobi ghat restoration

The Dhobi community was ignored by the Congress government in undivided Andhra Pradesh.

In Telangana, the government introduced a modernised dhobi ghat in Rajanna Sircilla in 2022.

Owing to its success, the State government announced that 141 dhobi ghats in all urban local bodies would be modernised. Orders were issued to Telangana Urban Finance Infrastructure Development Corporation to sanction a loan of Rs 242 crores (Rs 2 cr for each dhobi ghat).

Indira Jala Prabha Scheme

During the Congress regime in undivided Andhra Pradesh, the Chief Minister promised that barren land would be turned into cultivable land through irrigation before being handed over to the people, which was pushed under the carpet and no irrigation facilities were made available.

The farmer-friendly policies of the Telangana government included world’s largest multi-stage lift irrigation project Kaleshwaram, which resulted in a transformation of the barren state of Telangana into lush green rice-bowl of India.

Metro Rail

The Congress, in 2009, said that the metro rail would be constructed and open to the public in Hyderabad by 2013. However, the first groundbreaking ceremony happened much later in 2012.

The Hyderabad metro rail was inaugurated by the Telangana government just three years after its formation in 2017. A new line till the airport as well as construction of a metro line in the Old City have also been announced by the government in 2023.

Weavers’ Welfare Schemes

One more community which was ignored by the Congress government in undivided Andhra Pradesh was that of the weavers or handloom workers. No proper welfare schemes to support this community were introduced, resulting in suicides. Weavers were 'hanging by a thread' , said an article in 2012. They were struggling to make weaving as their profession because of the lack of policies for the community.

After the formation of Telangana State, multiple schemes like ‘Nethanna ku Bima’ for the personal insurance and other welfare schemes of, textile parks (Kakatiya Mega Textile Park in Warangal) and apparel factories are being set up to promote handlooms/weaving as well as secure their livelihood.

Toddy Tappers Welfare schemes

The toddy tappers of undivided Andhra Pradesh, due to the lack of any schemes by the former Congress government, were on the verge due to the lack of survival opportunities.

In the State of Telangana, over two lakh toddy tappers were given mopeds to transport the toddy. In 2023, the government also announced an insurance scheme - ‘Geetha Karmikula Bima’ which offers Rs 5 lakh insurance to toddy tappers. The Government also opened its first ‘Neera Cafe’ which sells toddy in packaged bottles.

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