KCR lied about Telangana being top in power consumption, and farmers' income, says CM Revanth Reddy

Revanth Reddy said that the paddy produced in the 150-acre farmhouse of former CM KCR was paid Rs 4,250 per quintal.

KCR lied about Telangana being top in power consumption, and farmers income, says CM Revanth Reddy

HYDERABAD: Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy has blamed the BRS Government for lying to people that Telangana achieved the highest per capita power consumption in the country while it was in tenth position and not first position as propagated by the former Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao.

In his reply to the discussion on the thanksgiving motion to Governor’s address, the Chief Minister said on Saturday that the earlier Government also lied about farmer’s income in the State. “Telangana ranks 25th in farmers income. According to Rajya Sabha records farmers in Telangana earn Rs 9,403, whereas Meghalaya tops the list,” Revanth Reddy explained.

Assuring the house that he would order an inquiry into the high rates paid to the paddy produced in former CM’s farmhouse in Erravalli, Revanth Reddy said that the paddy produced in the 150-acre farmhouse was paid Rs 4,250 per quintal as the farmers outside the farmhouse were paid Rs 1,400 per quintal.

Quoting from the NCRB data, the Chief Minister said that during 2018-2023, at least 1,20,000 farmers died within the age group of 18-60 years. “Government must assist farmers to live. Crop insurance should have been the right solution not the Rytu Bima that benefits the farmer only after his death. BRS fixed Rs 5 lakh as a price on farmers' lives,” Revanth Reddy said.

Blaming the former CM for confusing farmers with his orders for and against growing paddy in the State, the Chief Minister said that KCR discouraged farmers from growing paddy but cultivated paddy in his 150-acre farmhouse.

Wondering why the number of pump sets increased in the State when the BRS Government claimed that it irrigated 1 crore acres of land with the irrigation projects it built, Revanth Reddy said that the number of pump sets increased from 19 lakh to 24 lakh now.

Alleging discrimination against Kodangal, Vikarabad, and Parigi regions of the State, he said that KCR scrapped Pranahita Chevella even though the erstwhile Mahbubnagar made him an MP from the region.

However, the BRS members protested when the Chief Minister attacked the BRS and said that the Telangana people voted against the family rule. “We thought that someone else would be given a chance to be the opposition leader. But BRS elected KCR. BRS doesn’t want to go beyond KCR. There were many seniors and former Ministers who could have started the debate, but the BRS disappointed the people by giving the chance to family members,” Revanth Reddy said.

Continuing his speech amidst protests from the BRS members, Revanth Reddy said the party was not able to digest the clear mandate given by the people of Telangana in the recent elections.

“BRS could not bear the fact that people were now allowed inside Pragathi Bhavan to complain. They can't bear the sweaty smell of the poor. Within one hour four minutes after the swearing-in ceremony we gave entry to people into the Pragathi Bhavan,” he said. He pointed out that former Home Minister Mohammad Mahmood Ali, the then Health Minister Etela, and Balladeer Gaddar were the few who were not allowed inside the fortress when KCR lived in that camp office.

Blaming the BRS Government for neglecting the martyr's families, the Chief Minister wanted to know if KCR ever invited them to the Pragathi Bhavan and had lunch with them. “But you made your son and son-in-law as ministers, and daughter as an MLC. You gave Rajya Sabha membership to those who sold the COVID-19 vaccine in the black market. Why did you never invite the ex-DSP Nalini to take her job back,” he questioned.

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