KTR demands a mega power loom cluster in Sircilla in coming Union Budget

KTR criticises decade-long neglect of Telangana in budgets, urging Sanjay to address weavers' crises and secure support for Sircilla.

KTR demands a mega power loom cluster in Sircilla in coming Union Budget

HYDERABAD: BRS Working President and Sircilla MLA K Taraka Rama Rao has written an open letter to Union Minister Bandi Sanjay, urging him to secure a Mega Power Loom Cluster for Sircilla in this year's central budget.

KTR reminded Sanjay that the central government has ignored Telangana in every budget for the past decade. He mentioned his multiple letters and personal requests to central ministers for the powerloom cluster, all unsuccessful. He emphasised the need for Sanjay to use his ministerial position to bring the cluster to Sircilla this time. He stressed the importance of delivering good news for Sircilla in the central budget and called on Bandi Sanjay to utilise his opportunity as a Union Minister.

The BRS leader highlighted the long-standing issue, stating that despite repeated efforts over the past ten years, the center has not responded positively. He recalled meeting the then Union ministers like Smriti Irani and Arun Jaitley around ten times without success. Even appeals to Bandi Sanjay for cooperation in this matter went unheeded. However, he noted that Sanjay's re-election as an MP and his current ministerial role provides a suitable opportunity to serve Sircilla’s weavers.

KTR urged Bandi Sanjay to convince the central government to announce the mega powerloom cluster for Sircilla in the upcoming budget. He pointed out the plight of the weavers, who have been facing joblessness and dire conditions since the Congress government came to power in the state. He alleged that the withdrawal of numerous welfare schemes for weavers had plunged the handloom sector into crisis after a decade.

Highlighting the central government’s failure to aid the handloom sector in the past decade, KTR criticised the diversion of projects to other states that lack such resources. He appealed to Bandi Sanjay to take the initiative for Sircilla's benefit, urging him to present the case to the Finance Ministry before the budget announcement.

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