KTR expresses dismay over PM Modi's remarks on Telangana formation

Minister KTR took to 'X' and said that this was not the first instance where the Prime Minister has made disparaging remarks about Telangana formation

KTR expresses dismay over PM Modis remarks on Telangana formation

HYDERABAD: Telangana IT minister, KT Rama Rao on Monday expressed dismay over Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks on State formation during a special session of the parliament.

Minister KTR took to 'X' and said that this was not the first instance where the Prime Minister has made disparaging remarks about Telangana formation, and it reflected his utter disregard for historical facts.

"The people of Telangana tirelessly fought for six decades to attain statehood, a momentous achievement finally realized on June 2, 2014. The journey to statehood was marked by countless sacrifices, particularly from the youth of Telangana. To suggest that Telangana did not celebrate its statehood is not only factually incorrect but also comes across as ignorant and arrogant, " KTR tweeted.

In his attempts to criticize the Congress party, Prime Minister Modi had repeatedly hurt the sentiments of the people of Telangana, he said.

KTR emphasized the importance of political leaders addressing sensitive historical matters with empathy and understanding, considering the emotions and sacrifices associated with them.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's jealousy towards Telangana was evident in his relentless expression of his feelings, highlighting the extent of his venomous comments towards the State, said KTR.

"How does Modi feel about Telangana, a state over which we have fought for 14 years? Why does the Prime Minister have to hurt our self-respect every time he goes to the parliament, the temple of democracy?" KTR questioned.

KTR said, "When we asked you to purchase our paddy, you belittled us by telling us to eat broken rice. Your cabinet colleagues communicate in the same language. You don't provide us with enough gunny sacks to pack the paddy, but at least speak respectfully with us."

Telangana would never forget how the Modi Government snatched seven mandals and the lower Sileru project and gave them to Andhra Pradesh, disrespecting Niti Ayog's direction by refusing to fund Mission Kakatiya and Mission Baghiratha he added.

"How to fully understand your grudge towards Telangana farmers for failing to reach an agreement on Telangana's share of Krishna river water. How can we forget how you snatched the Kazipet coach factory and established it in Gujarat?" KTR questioned.

The refusal to approve at least one medical college out of the 157 granted to other states indicated Modi's lack of support for Telangana, he said.

"Why was Telangana overlooked or neglected while granting national status to Upper Bhadra, Polavaram, and Ken-betwa river link projects? How can we understand your hatred towards Tribals in Telangana by examining the actions of Bayyaram steel factory and ST University?" KTR questioned.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi auctioned Singareni coalmines, cancelled ITIR, and refused to fund Hyderabad's arbitration center. You even refused us to provide funds and don't like we finding our own financial resources," he said.

KTR slammed the Modi government as deceitful and vengeful, referring to its jumla-hamla government. "You formed NDA partners with ED, IT, and CBI and presented them against opposition governments, " said KTR.

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