KTR, Harish lash out at Prime Minister for ignoring Telangana development

KTR trained his guns at Narendra Modi and said that the latter's tour to Telangana and sought to know if the latter had done at least one good thing for the country

KTR, Harish lash out at Prime Minister for ignoring Telangana development

HYDERABAD: Bharat Rastra Samithi (BRS) Working President and Telangana Minister KT Rama Rao (KTR), trained his guns at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that the latter's tour to Telangana and sought to know if the latter had done at least one good thing for the country.

KTR on Saturday accused the Prime Minister of uttering lies, right from the beginning of his speech. "It has become a routine affair for the Prime Minister to make unnecessary comments about the BRS Government during his visit to the State. Every time, Narendra Modi delivers a lecture without mentioning what he can do for the development of Telangana," the BRS Working President criticised.

KTR said that it would be good if the Central Government, especially the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), explained at least one good thing done to the people of Telangana. Highlighting the injustice by the Centre to Telangana for the last nine years and the autocratic attitude of the BJP, KTR said that the people would drive the party away from Telangana in the coming elections.

"It is an insult to the people of Telangana to say that the Prime Minister has done something great for the State by laying the foundation stone for a wagon repair workshop instead of establishing a coach factory at Kazipet, which is the aspiration and demand of the people of Telangana for the last four-and-half decades," KTR asserted. He alleged that Narendra Modi had laid the foundation stone for a Rs 20,000 crore locomotive coach factory at Dahod in Gujarat, ignoring the long pending demand of Telangana people for a railway coach factory in Kazipet.

Prime Minister Modi's slogan 'Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas' has been changed to 'Gujarat Ka Saath, Gujarat Ka Vikas', KTR criticised. Taking a dig at the NDA Government at the Centre for being "anti-Telangana" in the last nine years, KTR said that the people of Telangana were noticing the negligence and discrimination against Telangana being shown by the Prime Minister in addressing the demands of the State that includesd setting up of a steel plant in Bayyaram, restarting the Cement Corporation of India (CCI), National Highway projects and construction of new railway lines and strengthening of railway lines. KTR warned that people would teach a befitting lesson to the BJP at a right time.

Reacting to Narendra Modi's remarks about the ‘golden period’ in the country, KTR said that it would have been better if the Prime Minister had revealed at least one good thing done for the youth of the country in the last nine years to make use of this golden period. On the one hand, if opposition parties questioned his incompetent rule which had increased the unemployment rate in the country, it was ironical that the Prime Minister himself mocked the young people that selling 'pakodas' was a job worth doing.

Hitting out further, KTR said that it's a shame on the part of the Prime Minister for hiding the facts and making remarks against the Telangana Government, which had filled more than 2.20 lakh jobs in the Government sector. While the latter was permanently privatising jobs in public sector organisations without filling more than 16 lakh Government jobs in the Central Government, which was highly deplorable.

The BRS Working President said that the Telangana youth would never forget the fraud done by the Prime Minister to the highly educated youth by scrapping the Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) project, which had the potential to provide lakhs of jobs to the youth in the State. Referring to the remarks made by the Prime Minister about the vacancies in the universities in the State, KTR said that the vacancies in the Central Universities across the country should be filled first.

He suggested that it would have been better if the Prime Minister had responded to the fact that BJP leader and Governor Tamilsai Soundaryarajan had trampled on the law made by the BRS Government to fill university vacancies. It would also be better if the Prime Minister, who uttered lies about the Government school education system in Telangana, remembered that the BRS Government was providing the highest quality education by spending around Rs 1.25 lakh on each Gurukula school student like nowhere else in the country.

KTR said it required a lot of courage to lie eloquently like Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He demanded that the Prime Minister disclose the status of his promise of doubling farmers' income.

"It is Narendra Modi, who has bought the three controversial farm laws and the reason for the deaths of 700 farmers. Now, he is talking about the welfare of the farmers," he criticised.

“It would be good if the Prime Minister knows that the agricultural sector of Telangana is a model for the country in every aspect, especially from the production of food grains to the increased area, irrigation revolution and farmer welfare schemes,” KTR said. Lashing out at the Prime Minister for waiving loans to the tune of Rs 12.5 lakh crore to his corporate cronies, KTR questioned why Narendra Modi had not taken any decision to completely waive all the loans taken by the farmers in the country.

On the remarks made by the Prime Minister about the welfare of tribals, KTR said that even though the BRS Government was ready to support the Centre for establishing a tribal university in the State, the Centre was deliberately delaying the proposal in Parliament, affecting the higher education of several tribal students.

Referring to Narendra Modi's remarks on family rule and corruption, KTR said that it's nothing but devil quoting scriptures. He recalled that the family members of BJP leaders in many States and even the ministers in his cabinet were from hereditary politics.

KTR said that BRS was a family party which considered the Telangana State as a family and the people as family members and supported their all-round development. In response to the Prime Minister's statement to conduct an inquiry with the Central Government agencies on the corruption done by the BRS Government, KTR said, "We are not afraid of any investigations by the Central Government agencies. Our aim is to strive hard for the holistic development of Telangana,".

Harish Rao reacts on Narendra Modi’s remarks

Telangana Health Minister T Harish Rao found fault with remarks made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi against Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) during their visits to Telangana.

Reacting to the remarks made by Narendra Modi during his visit to Warangal, Harish Rao alleged that the BJP Government at Centre had been copying the schemes implemented by the BRS Government. He wondered why the Centre was presenting awards for Telangana, if the works were not done in a proper manner.

Referring to the Prime Minister's remarks on investments in Telangana, Harish Rao gave credit to KCR for investments flowing into Telangana. He also took a dig at the Centre for stalling funds for Telangana development. "If Narendra Modi is really committed to the welfare of Telangana, the Centre should establish a tribal university, rail coach factory in Kazipet and honour all the promises given to the State," Harish Rao demanded.

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