'Modi prachar mantri, not pradhan mantri' says KTR

KTR said that Modi was just a 'prachar mantri' not 'pradhan mantri' (publicity minister not prime minister) and that India hit rock bottom

Modi prachar mantri, not pradhan mantri says KTR

HYDERABAD: Telangana IT and Industries Minister K T Rama Rao said that India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, was just a 'prachar mantri' and not 'pradhan mantri' (publicity minister and not prime minister) and that India hit rock bottom during the rule of the Modi-led BJP.

KTR said that the country's inflation rate was at its worst, rupee is at all time low and it was because the Centre was focused on problems like who ate what and who wore what rather than focusing on real issues like poverty, employment, farmers' income or housing. "Tell me one promise that Narendra Modi has fulfilled. Be it doubling farmers' income or providing housing to every Indian, Modi was not able to do anything which he had promised. He has not even faced the media in the last eight years. There is only 'Man ki baat', no 'Jan ki baat', it's a one way direction and not communication," the IT Minister said.

The Minister also said that agencies like the Enforcement Directorate, the CBI, Election Commission or the Income Tax department, were being driven by the BJP. "How many BJP leaders were raided or questioned by these bodies in the last few years? The BJP leaders think they are Satya Harishchandra's relatives, that is not the case," he said.

The Minister also said that Narendra Modi was focused on making just one percent of the population, the elite, even more rich, for which he was ready to sacrifice the livelihoods of the common man. Modi is trying to privatise all the sectors which would one day disrupt India's economy.

"Modi once said, on record, when he was not in power, that the Centre was corrupt and that is resulting in inflation. What would he say now when India's inflation is at its worst? It's because of their entire agenda being wrong. Why did they come to Hyderabad and celebrate Hyderabad's merging into India as a 'Liberation Day' and not 'Integration Day'? Why don't they cite atrocities by the British on August 15? Why did they mourn the Queen? Just because Hyderabad was ruled by the Nizams, who are muslims, they have a problem. Their agenda is to create a Hindu-Muslim divide and destroy the country."

KTR said that the Gujarat model was a failure and that it was something that didn't benefit even the Gujarat state. The Bharat Rashtra Samithi's (BRS) main agenda was to introduce the Telangana model across India and to put a step forward towards development.

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