Nagarkurnool police arrest notorious killer accused of murdering 11 people

The accused was identified as R Sathyanarayana (47), a resident of Indra Nagar colony in Nagarkurnool

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NAGARKURNOOL: Sleuths of Nagarkurnool police on Tuesday apprehended a notorious killer who brutally killed 11 people in the district and other states. The accused was identified as R Sathyanarayana (47), a resident of Indra Nagar colony in Nagarkurnool. The police also seized five mobile phones belonging to the deceased, eight mobile phones and 10 sim cards used by the accused, a four-wheeler, poison bottles and electrical detonators from him.

Jogulamba Gadwal Zone-VII Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) LS Chowhan said that accused brutally killed 11 people from Wanaparthy, Nagarkurnool, Kollapur, Kalwakurthy, Balaganur (Karnataka), Peddavadugur (Anantapur district) and Govula Venkatesh (32), Bollaram village Wanaparthy district in the deception of treasure troves across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka since 2020 and evading arrest. He was arrested for the first time.

Explaining the modus operandi of the accused, Chowhan said that the notorious killer lured the public in the name of treasure troves. He made the public believe that he procure treasures by performing pooja for that purpose he initially takes money or registered plots/lands on his name. Then he took the innocent victims who ever approached him to isolated places where he killed the victims in desolate areas by pouring acid and some unknown poison in their mouths, he said.

The DIG said that as soon as they became partially unconscious he threw boulders on their head. “The accused was doing this kind of offence in 2020 and escaping himself from the police, so far the accused killed 11 persons including female persons. As of now his role is identified in eight cases across both Telugu states and Karnataka,” he added.

Facts of the case:-

The complainant Govula Laxmi said that her husband Govuala Venkatesh left their home from Langar House Hyderabad informing her that he was going to meet Sathyanarayana at Nagarkurnool, he did not return till 5 days. As such the complainant along with two family members approached the accused about her husband. But the accused didn’t answer properly, instead he showed his ignorance. On that she approached the police, Nagarkurnool on the missing of her husband. Upon which the sub-inspector of police Nagarkurnool took up investigation and found the behaviour of accused Ramati Sathyanarayana suspicious in this case.

Motive behind the murder:

The accused has been residing in Nagarkurnool town since last several years and he was in real estate business, he also practised herbal medicine (naatu vaidyam) and also in the habit of treasure hunts with help of herbs. He wandered in Nagarkurnool, Kollapur and surrounding areas in the name of hidden treasures and informed his real estate friends and known persons about his practices for hidden treasures.

While the deceased Venkatesh and his friends approached him for hidden treasure at Kollapur and the accused agreed and asked for money and made a condition that the deceased only has to contact him during the process of finding and recovering hidden treasure and the deceased and his friends agreed for that. The accused called and asked the deceased to put the herbs given by the accused at the place where the deceased believed the hidden treasure existed, he practised the same four to five times in the name of identification of treasure and estimating the property in treasure etc.

The accused informed the deceased that human sacrifice of three pregnant women must be performed to get the treasure and when the deceased feared about human sacrifice and forced the accused to return money, he hatched a plan to kill the deceased and told him there was another way to get the treasure and called him to Nagarkurnool on December 3.

On December 4, the accused gave some poisonous liquid and some other herbs in the name of pooja and holy water and when he fell unconscious, took him to Jalalpur village outskirts into hillocks in his car and got him sat on the ground in the name of ritual. He poured acid on his body till his death and hid the shirt and purse in nearby bushes and returned to Nagarkurnool.

While the investigation was in progress, based on credible information the sub-inspector of Nagarkurnool apprehended the accused Ramati Sathyanarayana on Tuesday. The accused was shifted for further investigation which unearthed unbelievable and sensational killings of 10 more persons in the confession.

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