Police assault BRSV activists and journalist at Osmania University

Police misbehaved with a Zee Telugu reporter covering DSC concerns, grabbed his shirt, and forcefully locked him in a police vehicle.

Police assault BRSV activists and journalist at Osmania University

HYDERABAD: Disturbing visuals have surfaced showing police personnel beating BRS student wing activists and a journalist at Osmania University. The incident occurred at the main library, where police were recorded mercilessly assaulting BRSV leaders who were holding a protest over the DSC issue.

In the video, police could be seen holding activists by the neck, pushing them to the ground, and slapping them on the face and body. The activists were forcibly moved into a police van and detained.

The police also reportedly misbehaved aggressively towards a Zee Telugu reporter covering DSC candidates' concerns. Witnesses said police grabbed the reporter's shirt and locked him up, ignoring his claims of being a journalist. Despite protests and attempts to explain their duties, the police forcefully pushed the reporter into a police vehicle.

The Telangana Journalists' Forum (TJF) has condemned the police's actions. TJF questioned why journalists performing their duty were subjected to arrest. They highlighted the lack of respect shown to media representatives and viewed this as a sign of media freedom being threatened.

TJF President Palle Ravikumar Goud and Deputy General Secretary Maheswaram Mahendra have demanded the immediate release of the detained journalists. They urged the government to address and rectify the police's oppressive behaviour towards journalists.

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