Power crisis: Karnataka farmers warn Telangana voters of false promises by Congress


HYDERABAD: The on going power crisis in Karnataka has forced farmers in that State to start staging protests in neighbouring States. Around 200 farmers from Karnataka on Wednesday staged a protest in Gadwal and Kodangal cautioning voters of Telangana and farmers against the false promises made by the Congress before coming to power.

The farmers alleged that they have been at the receiving end due to the power crisis in Karnataka. They shared that the crops were not being properly stored due to erratic power supply. Farmers from Kalyana Karnataka region protested that in the previous regime, farmers received electricity for 12 hours and now they are hardly getting power supply for 4 to 5 hours. They cautioned Telangana farmers to be wary of the Congress and said that they they should not to be cheated.

"The Congress won the Assembly elections in Karnataka by promising to supply 20 hours of power to farmers and 200 units of free electricity to domestic consumers," said the farmers. However, the state is reeling under severe power shortage less than six months of the Congress party coming to power.

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