Prabhakar Reddy, Komatiteddy failed Munugode: Shravanti

Shravanti said TRS candidate Prabhakar Reddy failed to bring development when he represented the constituency from 2014-2018

Prabhakar Reddy, Komatiteddy failed Munugode: Shravanti

HYDERABAD: The Congress candidate from Munugode constituency Palvai Shravanti on Thursday said that her victory in the by-elections would lead to a new era of women empowerment not only in Telangana but the entire country.

"Women are normally considered weak in electoral politics. They get very few opportunities like party tickets or big positions. Major political parties usually prefer a male candidate over women in difficult situations like the one which prevails in the Munugode constituency. But the Congress party trusted my capabilities and nominated me as a candidate. My victory in the by-elections will set a new benchmark and it will become a symbol of women empowerment," Palvai Shravanti told voters while doing door-to-door campaigning in Marrigadda Mandal on Thursday.

Shravanti said the victory of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi from the Medak seat in 1980 changed Indian politics forever. Similarly, the victory of former Congress president Sonia Gandhi from the Bellary Lok Sabha constituency in the 1999 general elections led to the revival of the Congress party. "My victory in the Munugode by-elections will change the entire politics of Telangana. Unlike TRS and BJP, the Congress party is not distributing money and liquor to lure voters. We are asking the people to vote for Congress based on ethics, morals and idealogy. Congress party is not trying to impose a leader, but asking people to select their servant who can represent their problems in the Assembly. My victory will change the overall perspective about the role of women in electoral politics," she said.

The Congress candidate appealed to the people to make the proposed 'Mahila Garjana' on theNovember 1, the last day of campaigning, a grand success. "I've received an overwhelming response from all the voters, especially women and youth, during my entire campaign. I'm confident that Mahila Garjana will be a grand success," she said.

Shravanti said TRS candidate Prabhakar Reddy failed to bring development when he represented the constituency from 2014-2018. As a result, she said people voted out Prabhakar Reddy and elected a Congress representative in the 2018 elections. However, she said Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy focused only on getting contracts and expanding his wealth and business. He even changed the party and joined the BJP to get more contracts. She said it was ridiculous on the part of Rajagopal Reddy to come up with a separate manifesto for Munugode by-elections. "People have tried both Prabhakar Reddy of TRS and Rajagopal Reddy of BJP. Now they should give me one chance to prove that I can deliver on my promise. As a woman, I have got a deep understanding of the needs of common households and I will prove myself to be a good public representative," she said.

Shravanti said that the present mood in the Munugode constituency indicates a clear victory for the Congress party. For the same reason, the TRS and the BJP were enacting various dramas on the 'sale and purchase of MLAs' to divert people's attention. She appealed to the people of Munugode not to get distracted by the fake 'hungama' being created by the TRS and the BJP and to reject their divisive and greedy politics.

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