Pregnant lawyer protests against death threats from Congress MLA's PA

Mamata reported Chippari Victoria for pension fraud. She accused Victoria's family and an MLA's PA of attacking and threatening her.

Pregnant lawyer protests against death threats from Congress MLAs PA

BELLAMPALLY: Gadaveena Mamata, a Bellampally-based lawyer who is four months pregnant, protested with her three-year-old child in front of the Telangana High Court. She alleged that her life was in danger due to threats from Gaddam Prasad, the personal assistant of Congress MLA Gaddam Vinod.

Mamata had earlier lodged a complaint with the collector regarding Chippari Victoria, a resident of Railway Radagambala Basti in Bellampally town, who was receiving a single woman's pension despite her husband being alive. Following this, Mamata claimed that Victoria's family members, enraged by her complaint, attacked her and threatened her with death, including threats from Gaddam Prasad.

Mamata alleged that Victoria's family members assaulted her, kicking her in the stomach, despite her status as a lawyer. She protested at the High Court, asserting she did not receive justice in Bellampally. She demanded immediate action against Victoria's family and Gaddam Prasad for their threats and violent behaviour.

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