Prime Minister Modi promised to cooperate with Revanth to eliminate BRS: KTR warns party leaders

KTR said, "Recently when Revanth and Bhatti met Modi in New Delhi, Modi said that he will fully cooperate to finish the BRS. It is evident based on comments made by Bandi Sanjay."

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HYDERABAD: BRS working president KT Rama Rao has said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Revanth Reddy have decided to wipe out the BRS. Speaking at the preparatory meeting of the Malkajgiri Parliamentary constituency on Sunday, KTR said, "Recently when Revanth and Bhatti met Modi in New Delhi, Modi said that he will fully cooperate to finish the BRS. It is evident based on comments made by Bandi Sanjay.

"It is evident that the BJP and the Congress are one and the same. In New Delhi, the Congress criticises that Adani are Modi are one and the same. In Davos, Revanth signs an investment agreement with the same Adani. We did not give Adani a chance when we were in power. The BRS is not a party that is afraid of Revanth Reddy or Prime Minister Modi. It is a party which is the voice of Telangana. The BRS has a history of fighting on Telangana issues in Parliament. BRS must win in the upcoming elections if Telangana's voice is to be heard in New Delhi. Last time we lost the Malkajgiri Lok Sabha seat by a few votes. If party leaders work hard, this time the victory in Malkajgiri will be ours," he said.

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Stating that the mistakes done by the party in the last Assembly elections would not be repeated and that the car (party's symbol) has merely gone for servicing which will run again at double the speed, KTR said, "In the Assembly elections, the Congress just got four lakh votes more than the BRS. If the BRS had won another seven or eight seats, we would have had a hung Assembly in the State. We lost 14 seats by a small margin of votes."

Condemning the delay in the implementation of the guarantee on 200 units of free electricity, KTR said, "Komatireddy Venkat Reddy had called for the scheme's implementation from January and Revanth had said that it would begin from last November. I remember their words. If I don't pay the bills, Bhatti Vikramarka (Deputy Chief Minister) says that I am anti-establishment. Is telling the truth anti-establishment? The Congress leaders said that Sonia Gandhi will pay our electricity bills. Let us all send electricity bills to Sonia Gandhi. BRS MLAs and leaders should convince people to send bills to Sonia. They are trying to evade their promises. We should spread this word amongst the public."

Asking party leaders to project the false promises made by the Congress to the public, KTR said, "Bhatti has lied to the Assembly on providing benefits to the unemployed. They changed their stand on giving national status to the Palamuru Rangareddy lift irrigation project. The manner in which the Congress is evading assurances should be dealt with in public. Leaders should also effectively use the Right to Information Act to undermine the Congress Government. We have not effectively countered the misinformation propaganda on YouTube channels as our focus was only on Governance."

Pointing out the mistakes which led to the loss of BRS in the elections, KTR said, "We facilitated distribution of ration cards online. Even our cadres did not have a clue about it. We did not fill the posts in party committees which led to our downfall. The mistakes of the past will not be repeated. Let's hold a meeting of all the committees once every three months."

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