Rajgopal Reddy's Sushee Infra pays to many Rs 5.22 cr: TRS demands action

TRS urged the ECI to initiate action and alleged that the money transferred was meant to be spent in Munugode by-election

Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy

Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy

HYDERABAD: The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) has lodged a complaint against BJP candidate Komatireddy Rajgopal Reddy that a sum of Rs.5.22 crore was transferred into multiple accounts in the recent past by Sushee Infra, promoted by Rajgopal Reddy and his family. The TRS urged the Election Commission of India (ECI) to initiate action and alleged that the money transferred was meant to be spent in Munugode by-election.

In a letter addressed to the ECI on Saturday, TRS general secretary Soma Bharat Kumar provided the details of dates and amounts transferred into various individuals. He also provided the account numbers into which the amounts were transferred, along with IFSC codes.

Bharat Kumar said in the letter: "We have clear source of information that transfer of money to local residents / companies / firms of Munugode by BJP Candidate K. Rajagopal Reddy from his family-owned company, to the tune of Rs. 5,22,00,000 (Rupees Five Crores Twenty Two Lakhs Only) for spending that money in the on going Bye-Elections to be held in Mungode Assembly constituency, for purchasing the votes. The details of the transfers of funds from his companies to the individuals companies / funds and party members are as follows including the date on which the money is transferred to companies to the account of these 23 bank accounts all are located and situated in Munugode Assembly Constituency."

He went on to say: "These recipients are different kind of traders, individuals etc, who have no any business connections with transferor company. The trade details of the companies got money are given hereinabove. They are all residents of Munugode constituency. The transfer of funds in the way in which are taking place is not only illegal and it is clear violation of Model Code of Conduct and also constitutes a serious prosecutable offence. It is also important to submit your goodselves that the accounts which are shown above in the above table are to be seized and moment of money from and into the accounts are to be frozen immediately without any delay in the interest of justice. It is obvious, this money is intended to purchase the votes and influence the voters illegally in contravention of the law. The trail of the funds into these accounts and as well as if already distributed and how this amount is spent is a matter of record. As such, this authority is duty bound to take serious action without any delay. It is submitted, the monumental way in which money is transferred to these account for the purpose of spending in the elections by the BJP Party Candidate is shame on democratic process and a challenge to the Election Commission to have.

Therefore, please take immediate action to block the amounts which are sent from the candidate's company account to the local traders before the cash is liquidated and illegally distributed to the voters to purchase their votes."

"We express our hope and faith in the righteous and impartial approach of Election Commission in its correct action in the matter. It is not out of the place to remind your authority that, the time is the essence of the complaint. If the action is not taken immediately there is every possibility of smearing of the money for the illegal purpose for which its was brought to the Munugode by the BJP candidate. If that happens, it would be traversity of the Rule of Law.

M/s. Sushee Infra and Mining Limited Company is the company to which, the coal mining contract was awarded of the value of Rs. 18,000 cores and after that,K. Rajagopal Reddy resigned to the Congress party and joined BJP. I have reasons to believe this is the company which got benefited out of the contract and is now spending money to buy the voters. This is nothing but corrupt practise. Therefore, a stringent and urgent action is required in this," he added.

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