RDO level officer to soon look after affairs of Telangana Govt Hospitals: Harish Rao

Harish Rao revealed that the Telangana Government was contemplating appointment of a RDO level official as an administrator in each district to enhance the overall affairs of Government hospitals

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HYDERABAD: Health Minister T Harish Rao on Friday revealed that the Telangana Government was contemplating appointment of a Revenue Divisional Officer (RDO) level official as an administrator in each district to enhance the overall affairs of Government hospitals.

During the Legislative Council Question Hour on Friday, Harish Rao disclosed that the Government's focus was on improving the administration of Government hospitals, and the proposal to appoint an RDO-level officer in each district to assist the hospital superintendent in administrative matters was under consideration. He stated, "The proposal is with the Government. The move will help in improving services and better use of infrastructures available in the Government hospitals."

Harish Rao emphasised the progress made by Telangana in the healthcare sector under Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao's leadership, asserting that the State had evolved into a significant medical hub in the country. He added that Government hospitals' standards had risen significantly, leading to a preference for them over private hospitals by a majority of the population.

The minister highlighted the positive impact of initiatives like KCR Nutrition Kits, Hygienic Kits, Arogya Lakshmi programme, and Amma Vodi scheme on the health of pregnant women in the State. He stated that due to improved facilities and services, over 70 per cent of institutional deliveries now take place in Government hospitals, compared to only 30 percent previously.

Harish Rao added that the State's efforts, coupled with various programmes, had reduced the maternal mortality rate from 96 per cent in 2014-15 to 43 per cent in 2023, making it the second-lowest in the country.

Responding to a query about medical colleges in the State, the Health Minister informed that there were five Government medical colleges before the State's formation, and an additional 29 new Government colleges have been established since 2014, bringing the total to 34.

He highlighted the increase in medical seats due to the addition of eight new medical colleges, with 2,700 more seats available. He also mentioned the allocation of 'B' category medical seats to local students, resulting in an extra 1300 seats.

Additionally, with revised admission rules, 15 percent of seats reserved for out-of-state students are now available exclusively to local students, adding another 570 seats. He noted that the state contributes 43 percent of new medical seats nationwide in the academic year 2023-24.

Addressing concerns about faculty shortages in Government medical colleges, Harish Rao refuted claims of outsourcing faculty and clarified that all faculty members are permanent staff. He detailed the recruitment of assistant professors and professors, as well as a ban on private practice for doctors recruited through direct recruitment in Government medical colleges.

On the topic of Osmania General Hospital (OGH), Harish Rao revealed that the Government has decided to construct a new building for the hospital, citing a comprehensive report submitted to the High Court. He emphasised that the new building aims to address the inadequacy of the current facility and will be constructed after obtaining High Court approval.

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